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  • Looks real healthy. Can you share some other ones?
  • Hi Kylie, I am not sure what is your goal but MFP members can help you. Logging your meals daily can help you to eat more healthy food. For me eating healthy not only helped to lose weight but also to feel a lot better.
  • Sounds good! It's a good start, just keep up. For me the first three weeks were a little difficult to stick to my goals and after that it was getting easier. Eating healthier is the main thing. I cut back on sweets a lot too but sometimes I just can't resist.
  • Start to log in your meals, have some measuring cups and a food scale. Don't step on the scale every day or multiple times a day. I weigh myself once a week, usually on Wednesdays (weekends are not good for me). Also be consistent and don't expect immediate results. Your goal is not only losing weight and looking good but…
  • T2 here, no medication. MFP really helped me to improve my diet and lose weight. I lost 20 lbs so far and my blood sugar level dropped below 130 mg/dL. It used to be above 160 mg/dL. I still want to lose more weight.
  • Around 360 cals, 24 g protein.
  • I just ignore my extra calories from exercise but I enter my exercises manually, walking, biking, yard work etc. just to see how active I am. So I would suggest not to eat the extra calories from exercise.
  • If you have your blood work done at Labcorp or Quest Diagnostics they have an app. I also use Healow that connects me with my doctor's office and have all my test results.
  • I keep losing slowly. I started 3 weeks ago and I am already very impressed with the result.
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  • I have been eating more protein also since I started MFP and I have more energy too. I eat about 100-115 g of protein a day. It especially helps me if I eat more for breakfast. I try to eat for breakfast about 20 g.
  • Rice cake with PB Cheese stick Beef jerky Cottage cheese with blueberry Kefir with blueberry Baby carrots and almost forgot Greek yoghurt (with blueberry of course)
  • For me immediately logging in food intake helps to be consistent. Friends also help a lot with their encouragement.
  • Good job! I recently joined too and lost only 6 lbs with the help of MFP. I like the fact that in a couple of weeks it creates a fairly long list of my healthy food choices. Seeing the numbers, calories and macros really makes it easier (to lose weight).
  • I grilled boneless chicken thighs yesterday. We had salad with it, my wife made. For desert we had fruit salad. (I also had a beer with it). I think it was fairly inexpensive.
  • Thanks. What I mainly cut out is anything that they sell in vending machines and also sweet stuff like pies, cakes, ice cream and chocolate. I was 225 lbs in December and before even starting MFP I lost 10 lbs (over 5 months) just cutting those things out. I just want to lose another 10 lbs and then maintain my weight. MFP…
  • All very helpful so far, thank you.
  • I am trying to lose weight about .5 lbs per week and even only using 80-85% I am not really hungry. I still eat enough for breakfast, lunch and dinner and still eat good amount of snacks.
  • I never skip breakfast. It's part of my morning routine. If I do it feels that I am missing something. I rather cut back on snacks.
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  • Hi Sarah, welcome to MFP. I like the app too (not to mention that it is free). If you have any questions about it just search the posts or ask. I also use the website. Making friends are not difficult, you can even search for members in your area. I have friends who have similar goals so their progress helps me to stay on…
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  • For me it wasn't only the BMI but I also realized that I was eating unhealthy food. Since I have been loging into MFP, only 8 days, I closely watch my Macros and Nutrients.
  • I have the same plan too. Doing it slowly but being persistent. I also use an app on my phone called Habits, to build habits like exercise or daily log in my MFP diary.
  • 6 more days for me to get to day 10 :)
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  • I just turned 60 this year and I have been doing MFP for only less than a week. My goal is to lose around 10-15 pounds in the next couple of months. I like the fact that MFP can "predict" how soon I will able to reach my goal. I also watch my carbs (that's one of the main reason I started to use MFP).