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  • So my week is going well so far! It is Teacher Appreciation Week here. This year, we don't have a Home and School Association due to Covid and they usually treat us. So our admin has taken it upon themselves to being us treats every day! Today included chips, chocolates, bananas, clementines, granola bars, and coffee pods.…
  • So today is my weigh in day! Monday, Feb 8 341.3 Down 3.8 since last Monday Goal weight by Feb 28 - 335lbs As I promised myself, I was going to set some goals for the week. So here goes! a) drink at least 3liters of water every day b) tracky food in the app and work to stay below 20-30grams of carbs a day c) get 8 hours of…
  • @KeriA I too love aquafit. Due to Covid, there are less classes available (when the pool is actually open), but I would swim laps if nothing else. Until then it is the treadmill in the basement, I guess! I prefer walking outside, but winter makes that a little more difficult and unpleasant!!
  • I am enjoying reading everyone's posts and when I first decided to joined this community, I vowed to myself that I would be a participant and not just read about everyone else. For the past two weeks, I have given up Diet Coke and my weight loss has been much better. I had stalled forms bit before that. I am doing keto and…
  • Hi there everyone! I have been a member of MFP for quite a while. A few years ago, I lost about 50 pounds and then due to a variety of reasons (and excuses!) I lost my way and gained it back. So I started again on January 4 and have been staying on track ever since. I have been tracking my food using MFP and decided that…
  • Username JJKM73 Weigh in day Wednesday Weekly weigh in February Week 4 Previous Weight 348.1 Current Weight 346.6 Sorry I was away for work and I weighed in yesterday. But forgot to post as I came down with the stomach flu.
  • Sorry I have been a little absent! It has been so absolutely crazy these past few days. I was away for work yesterday and not home to weigh in. I will weigh in tomorrow morning.
  • Weekly weigh in Username JJKM73 Weigh in day Wednesday February Week 3 Previous Weight 346.9 Current Weight 348.2 I knew last week was too.good to be true!!! Also I apologize for my tardiness. My app wasn't loading yesterday. I just kept getting an error message.
  • Weekly weigh in - February Week 2 Username JJKM73 Weigh in day - Wednesday Previous Weight 352.1 Current Weight - 346.9
  • Daily check in for Tuesday Track yes Calories over (but not by a lot!) Water 2.5L
  • Man....I had forgotten how much this app and more specifically, this group, helps me to be accountable! I am trying to stick to keto...or more importantly, eating healthy meats and veggies. I don't have any more cravings and I am sticking to it! I feel better....I sleep better....I teach middle school and tutor....so…
  • Daily check in Monday Track yes Calories under Water 2L
  • @skinnyjeanzbound I totally feel your pain! We had done renovations and then put our house on the market this time last year. Between packing, house showings, school, kids, it was easy to eat easy meals. I had been very successful on keto about two years ago, fell off the wagon, and gained it back. I was so mad at myself…
  • Quiet day today! Woke up during the night with a stomach bug! Thankfully it was a snow day so I was able to stay home and not worry about a lesson plan or school. Daily Post - Friday, February 7 Track yes Calories under Water 1.5 L
  • I enjoy reading everyone's posts. I too am here for some support and comraderie! I think I have finally hit.my stride with my eating habits. I am sticking to meats and vegetables mostly....keto for the most part, but I keep my carbs low and my fats moderate. It is working...I am finally seeing some results. I too was in a…
  • Daily Post (Wednesday, Feb 5) Sorry I am a little late. Track yes Calories under Water 3.5L I am working on drinking lots of water...being very cognizant of it.
  • JJKM73 Week 1 Weigh in day Wednesday Previous Weight 355lbs Current Weight 352.1lbs I will take it considering I have my monthly nemesis visiting me! Perimenopause is killing me!!!
  • Daily Post for Feb 4 Track yes Calories under Water 2.5L Weigh in tomorrow!
  • Hi there! I had a hard time finding the new thread! Duh! Daily check in Feb 3 Tracking yes Calories under Water 3L
  • Hi there everyone! I am happy to have found this group. I am 46, happily married and a mom to two boys. Our oldest son is away at university and our youngest is in Grade 11. I also teach middle school! I have been overweight my entire adult life and frankly, I am tired of it. I have had some trauma that seems to slow me…
  • Daily Post - January 29 Track yes Calories under Water 4.5 L Exercise I was on my feet all day, but I have a sore knee. So not much more than that!
  • Hi there everyone! My name is Jodi and I am new to the group. Thanks for having me! A little about myself...I am happily married, have two sons (one away at university) and teach middle school. I have been overweight all of my life, but a few years ago I got very sick. Once I recovered, I lost 60lbs and then got…
  • Sorry....I think I forgot some info! Name JJKM73 Weight in day Wednesday Starting weight 354
  • Hi there! I would like to join a team for the February challenge. Thanks!
  • Sorry I am late weighing in, but we were away...again! Username JJKM73 Weigh in day Friday Current weight 338.2
  • Username JJKM73 Weigh in day Friday August week 1 Previous weight 340.4 Current weight 338.6
  • Daily Post - Friday Track Yes Calories over by a smidge Exercise housecleaning and laundry Water 2.5L We just got back from a mini vacation. I will be back at the pool tomorrow!!
  • Hi everyone, Thanks for welcoming all of us newcomers. Sorry for the late entry, but I just realized tonight what team I was on!!! My name is Jodi and I am a mom of two teenage boys (I think they are pretty great!!), happily married, and teach middle school ELA. I had lost sixty pounds about a year and a half ago, but…
  • @AB0215 I am not sure that I have been assigned a team yet either. Please help!! Thanks!
  • Hi there, My name is Jodi and I have over a 100.pounds to lose. I had lost about fifty pounds 14 months ago and was doing awesome, then I slowly fell off the wagon completely. I was feeling like I was in a rut and totally annoyed with myself. So I did some hard soul searching this week and remembered what I had done to be…