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  • Due August 7th with our first! Its a GIRL, anatomy scan today so we will double check! Dad is holding out hope that it may still be a boy :lol: . I returned to MFP to utilize it and keep my eating in check. I LOVE to eat and while I'm not overweight I would eat everything if I could. My husband will be gone for the rest of…
  • Hiya! I'm not sure if you've ordered or not. I just have basic PiYo but I was looking just now at what deluxe offers and if you've already got a yoga mat, the only other thing you'd miss out on would be the strength sliders - which you can easily use paper plates to slid your feet, or towels on hard floor to slide. I…
  • I've just begun today! Feel free to add me for an accountability partner :)
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  • Today I told myself I would start PiYo - and I did. The first day is simply introductory to moves and such. I've been meaning to start yoga/pilates and after all the reviews and results I saw from those that have done PiYo I decided to go for it! I have about the same weight goals as you! 155 wanting to be 140 or so! I did…
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  • I did P90X3 February-May of this year, now onto T25, just starting up!
  • I think attractiveness matters as well. Though, you can't expect your spouse to look like a fitness model - unless their job is revolved around fitness, and even then, every body is different. After my husband and I were married, we didn't put on much weight like everyone says, just about 10-15lb each. Though, we did also…
  • Here is my tip in regards to the workout, which I struggle with myself; JUST DO IT. It's only roughly 28 minutes a day, out of 1440! :smiley:
  • Green Tea is gross when HOT, in my opinion. I will fill a water bottle or glass with cold water, throw a tea bag in, and let it sit for about 30 minutes before drinking it. It's not bad cold! Just water and tea!
  • I wouldn't listen to the Flex when it comes to calories burned during a workout like HIIT. It is just going off of your 'very active minutes' from steps. During a 30 minute HIIT workout, I usually would burn about 300-350 calories - 5'6", 150lb female. What you could do is take your heart rate at the beginning, during, and…
  • Hi all! My name is Leah, decided to start over T25 today being Day 1, after only getting 3 days in last week. I just completed a move from UK to US, so I fell off the wagon :(. February to May of this year I completed P90X3 and got okay results. Did T25 for two weeks and got amazing results, so here I am again! I need…
  • Starting today, too! I only got 3 days in last week, so calling today DAY 1!! :smiley:
  • Use your Band and create your own workout. The only thing close enough would be circuit training. I created my own workout titled 'T25' and input the time and calories burned into it. After the first time, it is almost spot on with my calories when I change the minutes (about 28 to 27 or 29). It is off more on Ab day, but…
  • Goal Weight is 135. The least I weighed was in High School at about 125-130, seems to be a good goal number! Just lacking the motivation now.. I fell off the wagon and am now at 150.
  • I'm on Week Two!! I think this could be my favorite workout! Looking for others doing T25 to add to my list for motivation and such!
  • 1. I am, in fact, a VERY lazy person. If I allowed myself, I would sit on the computer all day and play Minecraft and watch TV. But I enjoy working out, and I have to do my school work! 2. I live in England and have travelled Europe over the past two years. Next stop: Cyprus. 3. I have a dog who is pretttyyyyyyyy much my…
  • Never forget that muscle is more than fat - don't worry about the scale so much as inches!! I'm only on week two, but - knowing where the people showing us the moves started helps. Like the guy in Agility x! I want an amazing AFTER pictures and that keeps me motivated.
  • I started monday, but I will still support!
  • I ordered Fitbit Flex yesterday and would LOVE to have some friends in the Fitbit community when I get mine here in the next week! I'm starting to get my profile set up with goals and such! //www.fitbit.com/user/2CRBK5
  • Hello Everyone!! My name is Leah! I currently live in England with my awesome (totally fit, hot) husband. We have no children, just one fur baby, Abby. I go to school full time and am working on a Bachelors Degree in Business, hoping to become an officer in the Medical Service Corps - USAF. My husband is active duty and an…
  • FINISHING IT! It makes me feel like a rockstar :) also the next day soreness!!
  • YOU CAN! I just watched the "intro" video and thought the same thing - this **** looks HARD. Add me if you want an accountability partner! I am starting tomorrow and could use one!!!
  • I'm 5ft 6in and my goal is around 130-135. I was down to 135 this summer, but stopped working out and not eating the best, though not that badly. Now I am basically starting over at 145. I know the measurements I want, and I'll shoot for that! Hoping to burn the fat and build the muscle :) Shooting for 20-21 BMI
  • 6 words. Beer battered deep fried cheese curds. My little treat :)
  • Beating myself up for stopping my workout regime.. UGH. Today I am back on it, though.
  • Awesome! I will look into those. I love how they don't make you 'feel' like you are working out, but having fun instead!!
  • Hey all :) My name is leah, 22 years old, will be 2 in March. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ripped in 30 and this is my 3rd time doing it. I haven't worked out since August to bascially, progress lost. 5'6" CW: 145 GW 130-135 I'm hoping to lost a few inches this round :)
  • HAHA. The running man is ridiculous, I'm glad I work out ALONE, when my husband is NOT home! Just remember to keep your abs tight and pull with them, I love the way that move gets my abs burning!!
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