What to do with a head of cabbage?



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    Cook it!! lol This is how I like making it.

    1 head of cabbage, chopped
    12 slices of turkey bacon cut into bite size
    1 medium jalapeno, diced w/o the seeds
    1 can of garbanzo beans
    1 garlic clove, chopped
    1 tsp oil
    salt & pepper, to taste

    Cook the turkey bacon first until crisp in a large skillet or wok. Remove from pan, set aside. In the same skillet or wok add olive oil, garlic and jalapeno. Cook for about 3 minutes until the garlic is browned. Add the cabbage, garbanzo beans, salt & pepper and mix all the ingredients in the pan. Cover and stir occasionally. When the cabbage starts to look wilted from the heat, add the bacon back and stir. Cook for about another 3 minutes and you're done.

    I make this recipe a lot during lent when I can't eat meat, so of course I omit the bacon and it tastes just as good. A lot of protein in this dish. Enjoy!
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    BUMP. Cabbage on sale for St. Patrick's Day.
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    cabbage rolls =) soooo yummy and filling/healthy

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    My family loves cabbage and carrots. It gives any cabbage a sweet taste. Put some coconut oil and a pat of butter in a pan, chop up some carrots. . .saute for about 5 minutes, then add the chopped cabbage. .salt, pepper. . cover and put on low until the rest of your food is ready. AMAZING!!!!

    You probably won't use the entire head of cabbage, but the rest can be used in stir-fry and/or homemade vegetable soup.
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    I like to make a pork and cabbage stir fry. Slice pork, onion and the cabbage into very thin strips. Stir fry with some low sodium soy sauce and a little sesame oil. Sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds.
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    my best friend makes this banging cabbage with just chicken broth and cabbage once i find out how to do it i will inform.
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    Very thinly sliced steamed cabbage makes a really healthy alternative to using rice or noodles in more traditional dishes like spaghetti or sweet and sour chicken when you want to keep the calories/carbs lower. I slice the cabbage down through the stem and slice up half the head into thin slices before separating the shredded leaves, washing it, then steaming it.
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    Hubby chops it up and stir-fries it (until softened) with other stir fry veggies in just a little oil. Then makes fried rice with brown rice, rice vinigar, and a little soy sauce (he also adds Red Rooster Sriracha pepper sauce for spice) - and meat of choice (he uses chicken or chopped left over steak, or canned tuna. And tosses it all together for his lunches during the week. Very Hearty and filling.
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    LOVE cabbage, need to try some of these!
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    Quick and easy, just saute it with a little butter and pepper to taste in frypan. Great side dish. Just make sure you measure that butter! If you have more time make lazy cabbage roll casserole :smile:
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    bump for the yummy recipes!
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    We made Mahshi today
    That cabbage stuffed with rice. Its really tasty but its also a lot of work.
    If u have time on ur hands u could try this recipe
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    We love cabbage, leeks, corned beef and gnocchi it's lovely
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    Cabbage is so good for you! Protective against colon cancer. :)
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    Any keto cabbage recipes?
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    I cut it into about 1" slices, paint em with olive oil, sprinkle w/salt, pepper and garlic powder and bake for about 25-30 minutes at 350 - delicious! Cabbage "steaks"