For my peeps doing PIYO- advice needed, please and thank you!

Just a really quick question regarding Piyo... I have been wanting to purchase this and get started but am not sure which option to choose when purchasing... Should I just get the basic for $59.95 or should I go ahead, splurge and get the Deluxe for like $50 more? I already have a yoga mat that I got previously from BB so I don't need that. I don't really have a lot of money to spare (hence the reason I have not yet ordered Piyo) but I don't want to miss out on something that would really help me reach my goal (I currently want to loose about 50 more pounds)- so, I figured, who better to ask, then those already doing piyo! So, what is your opinion on the different packages- so much already comes with the basic, that I wonder how much better can the Deluxe be? Thanks in advance for the help! :smiley:


  • leahhugh
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    Hiya! I'm not sure if you've ordered or not. I just have basic PiYo but I was looking just now at what deluxe offers and if you've already got a yoga mat, the only other thing you'd miss out on would be the strength sliders - which you can easily use paper plates to slid your feet, or towels on hard floor to slide. I wouldnt be sad missing out on the two additional workouts - they are both leg workouts and if you feel you need more leg work, do legs twice in a row!
  • PinkCoconut
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    I have the deluxe version and it doesn't honestly matter. You can still get good results without it. The deluxe version is just if you want to do the advanced options, comes with two advanced dvds and the slides (and mat). It won't make a difference to your goals if it's not that important to you. I happen to really like the deluxe version but honestly? My fav workout of the whole thing is Drench and that comes with the basic kit!

    So it's up to you. If you'd LIKE the option to do the advanced workouts in the future, go deluxe (although you can purchase the upgrade down the line but you'd be spending more money). If you don't care one way or another, just stick with the base kit.

    As an aside, if you're a sweater like I am you just may NEED two mats for drench! My mat gets so soaked during that workout I actually have to SWITCH MATS half-way through! Ha ha ha

    Feel free to friend me if you'd like! I'm LOVING this program!
  • bdazzling06
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    I just ordered the basic PiYo set yesterday. It was $31 on eBay. It is returnable incase the DVDs don't work( I have seen that in some of the reviews on Amazon) I have been wanting to get this since it came out last summer. Sooo excited to get it and get started!!!
  • km0476
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    I just started piyo myself a week ago and so far I love it! I have the basic so I would say if you are concerned with the cost go with the basic. Like some others have said you could use paper plates instead of the slides and if you have a yoga mat you are good to go there. Good luck and feel free to friend me (that goes for everyone else too) as I feel like the more support and motivating people I have around me will be a huge help in reaching my goals!!
  • kailibertsch
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    I'm starting a PIYO group class next week. You all are making me excited!! I wasn't sure what to expect. Hope you like it OP.
  • MaryinBflo
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    the base kit is enough. You can do the whole program with just that.
  • ptsmiles
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    I'm on week 5 of Piyo and I'm really enoying it. I have noticed that I am more flexible and love that I have had a good stretch.