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  • To me, 12 min mile is not slow, it is fast. I also don't understand why you are going from not running at all to running 3 days in a row. That is a recipe for disaster in my opinion. You also state you have good shoes, but were you fitted at a running store? If you have gait issues, they will be able to advise you on…
  • I used to use it and it did really help get it under control. Now that I have lost weight, controlled my allergies, and exercise regularly I no longer need it. I second using albuterol (ventolin) prior to exercise. I still do before a run if my chest feels tight, and have had to use a couple times as rescue when I ride,…
  • You've already gotten some great advice. I just thought I'd add that you are way faster than me (ran a 5K in 39 min last weekend) and I am planning on a 15k this Saturday. So you can definitely do it!
  • Add me would love some running support. Planning on a 15k next weekend then picking up the hal Higdon training plan for a half.
  • Nothing bad would have happened from switching to low fat, either, except for the fact that excess carbs were substituted for it. The law of unintended consequences will most likely lead to unhealthy substitutions in the "sugar is the devil" phase as well.
  • I've lost about an inch or 1.5 off the widest part but more closer to my knee--not sure how much as I didn't think to measure there. I've lost almost 60 lbs. But they are still pretty big--I can squeeze into some normal boots if they have elastic.
  • So my advice is the opposite--just do calories. Track everything and hit your calorie goals. Once that is routine, then you can worry about fast food, macros, etc. Someone above mentioned baby steps, but at least for me completely changing how I eat all at once was not doable. I've lost 55ish lbs, and kept it off for over…
  • Peachtree City
  • Please count me in. Needing support to get back on track.
  • I'm in too. Stayed in my calories yesterday and ran on treadmill for 45 min. Planning to stay with it to goal this time, so I owned up to my 9 lb gain this am. 21 pounds to goal.
  • Keep track! I never exercised consistently until I could see my improvement. It is so encouraging to keep getting better at whatever exercise you choose!
  • You can add me. I run pretty often, although I just had an unplanned two week break due to a bad cold. I am a super slow runner, but I enjoy it. Doing a 10k on the beach in 2 weeks, so plan to ramp back up. And still shooting for a half marathon this year, but got derailed from my original date in September. Maybe November?
  • Amazing! You look like a completely different person. And I love your haircut!
  • Ok, I have been slack about posting but am still moving MA: 8/2: 5 mi 8/7: 3.64 8/9: 5.17 8/12: 3.11 8/14: 6.5 8/15: 2.19 Determined to make goal this month!!
  • In for the elusive 50 miles. Shooting for most/all to be running, but will add some walking in if I get behind. Did a 5 mile "virtual race" run on Sunday--felt great despite being tired from a horse show the day before.
  • Clearly the reporter can't do math. If you look at the switch that they quote, you would eat 218 calories fewer. So the premise that you would lose weight by switching to a more plant-based diet alone is false; you would lose weight due to consuming fewer calories.
  • LOL. I once had a public defender claim that his client just thought the police were letting him go when he ran away from them. Guess he just needed some exercise. I too am addicted to the endorphins, and the feeling of accomplishment. And the physical changes in my body, and the increased stamina for my main sport.
  • Ugh it started pouring rain at mile 3 this morning. But I went 7.4 miles total! I don't mind getting wet but way colder here than I'm used to. Training for a half marathon so that is the longest run I've done so far!! Doing a 10k next weekend with my sister in Florida so will miss this chilly weather then. Hope your back…
  • I think you should get the purple highlights whenever you earn them, bookworm, concert or no. I took today as a rest day because it was in the 40s this morning and all I packed were shorts and tanks. Shooting for 7 miles tomorrow but will probably be a lot of walking. Hope everyone has a great 4th!
  • Super slow 5 miles this morning. Asthma plus three rest days equals slow going. Long run of 7 miles hopefully on Wednesday.
  • Got in 5 miles this morning but was more walking than I would have liked. Vacation going ok but behind on my runs due to bad weather. I refuse to run in cold rain! At least my horse is staying fit--I've loaned him out to a little girl and to my trainer for lessons! I'm not even sure what dvds I have --my mom bought them…
  • I did my regular horseback riding lesson same day last time. Was a little light headed but otherwise fine. Make sure you hydrate!
  • I don't carry water when I run, and I run in Atlanta (hills, heat, and humidity). Maybe once I get past 6 miles I will have to rethink it, but I just don't think it is necessary for the short runs I do.
  • Hot and muggy here too. Got my 3.5 in. Not sure when I will work in the 7 mile run on the schedule for this week as we leave for vacation early Friday morning.
  • Made it another 3.5 this morning. Did ride yesterday too, despite multiple obstacles (mostly kid-related). Was super hot, but so fun to get some jumping in! Have a lesson tomorrow, then we leave Friday for vacation. Trying to figure out when to squeeze in the 7 mile run that is on my half-marathon training schedule. Might…
  • Kris--I used to use a to-do app (inkpad) for my ARC, and a friend made me a bunch of the index cards, but I am too lazy to carry them. I have recently downloaded an app called ColorNote (it looks like sticky notes) and I might start using that for my notes.
  • The "hunger is not an emergency" is a good one. I also like to tell myself "you know what that tastes like, so you don't need to eat it right now. You can have it another day when you plan for it." I credit Beck with getting me over my last diet hump, but I have been in a slump/at a plateau or whatever you want to call it…
  • @FireStorm1972 way to go on the 10k! @poke987 your 5k time sounds awesome to me! I'm still a slowpoke. :smile: The 5k was ok--I wish it had started earlier because it felt like trying to breathe through a wet blanket. And the course was hill after hill after hill... I was slower than my last 5k (which was in January!) but…
  • Good Monday morning! Got a 3.5 mi run in this morning. The heat is helping motivate me to get up early even though I really don't want to. Did a 5k run on Saturday that started at 8:30 and it was already miserably humid. Plan to ride tomorrow evening and hope I don't melt.
  • I also love the Beck Diet Solution, and it has helped me overcome a lot of my emotional eating. Highly recommend it. On the exercise side, I never could commit until I did C25K. The feeling of accomplishment in being able to do a measurable amount each time was a great feeling. I also find the changes in the mirror help…