How do people run without water?



  • demoiselle2014
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    I carry water while running, because I hate the sensation of being thirsty. I carry water everywhere, really. But I think the water is a security blanket considering how short my runs are. I'm thinking of giving it up.
  • TavistockToad
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    I've never carried water, though the farthest I have run is only 7.5 miles...
  • FatMoojor
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    I never bother with water for anything less than maybe 1 1/2 hours. If I'm heading out for a longer run I normally just stick on my race pack. Just because it's convenient.
  • thankyou4thevenom
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    I normally drink a huge glass about 15 mins before I go out. At the end of my run I'm so thirsty it makes me want to run home.
  • yesimpson
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    I only take water if it's 5 miles plus and/or very warm.
  • glevinso
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    I don't bother carrying anything unless I am going longer than 14 miles or so. Unless it is *very* hot.
  • dougii
    dougii Posts: 663 Member
    I don't carry any unless I'll be out for 1 1/2 hours or more or over an hour in really warm weather.
  • rbiss
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    I don't drink water for at least an hour if I am hydrated before. If it's really hot out, I don't last for an hr anyways.
  • kjm3579
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    I've tried both ways and tend to dislike carrying much on a run. I bought a hydration pack and hated it on my back so I am selling it on eBay, I've tried a waist pack and that was better but still started to bother me after a few miles -- I currently have a small Amphipod waist pack to hold my cell phone and keys and that seems to be OK -- I may try to hand carry a little water but it is probably easier to go without unless it's a really long run -- and not always drinking water limits restroom stops as well.
  • itsfatum
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    Your body can last more than half an hour of heavy cardio without it. The cycling hour record, for example, is done at the elite level without drinking. You just drink a lot before, and a lot after and it's fine. I wouldn't go over the hour without drinking though. The general advice is 1cup every 20min or so of intense exercise.
  • dxp232
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    Three things:
    1: How well are you hydrated beforehand (and in general)?
    2: How long of a run are you doing, you might see people only running a few miles
    3: People use/store water at different rates. I dont need to drink a ton of water (none on a 5k for example) while my wife does, peoples biologies are different...
  • carolcrc
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    Less than an hour - no water - unless over 75 degrees out. Then if over 30 minutes, I carry water. A lot depends on how adapted you are... same thing for gels/fueling for long runs - never use anything except sports drink unless over 2.5 hours... You'll come to know your body's needs - and the first time you bonk/dehydrate, you will learn what you need to do!
  • demoiselle2014
    demoiselle2014 Posts: 474 Member
    I normally drink a huge glass about 15 mins before I go out. At the end of my run I'm so thirsty it makes me want to run home.

    Isn't that hard on the bladder?
  • yopeeps025
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    I notice that this time around from picture one on my profile that my body fat% is way lower. I sweat way less than I did. I used to drink at least a cup of water per 30 minutes of cardio. I don't need any water for the 30 minute cardio now.

    Just my experience.
  • mbaker566
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    I drink after. I only run 1 mile on weekday mornings and 3ish on weekends.
    as it get warmer, I may buy a running belt with a water holder. I don't want one of those hand ones. I don't need the extra weight on my arms
  • xxeliza321xx
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    CariTJR wrote: »
    I always run with a bottle of water, it makes no difference for me how much i've had throughout the rest of the day leading up it (I run in the evenings), I still need water while running, that's just how my body works.

    Yea same here....& thanks for the tips guys. I won't be checking this anymore, so someone can close the thread if they want.
  • hawallo
    hawallo Posts: 1 Member
    I can't stand having anything in my hands when I run, so I take a water pack. Extra weight, I drink on the downhills and the belt allows me to attach my dogs on road runs (very useful on 2 mile uphill stretches at the end of 10k). But I go without if on trails and dogs running free. Personal preference and hydration levels, I'm sure.
  • hbrittingham
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    I don't drink water when I run. I drink some before and then after. I don't even notice being thirsty while running. I do 3 miles twice during the week and 3-5 miles on Saturday and Sunday. I guess I'm not running long enough to make myself thirsty. Even when I am done running, I make sure my dog has water first. I figure he's running in a fur coat and needs it more than I do.
  • hoyalawya2003
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    I don't carry water when I run, and I run in Atlanta (hills, heat, and humidity). Maybe once I get past 6 miles I will have to rethink it, but I just don't think it is necessary for the short runs I do.
  • stealthq
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    When it's cool out, I'll drink a glass before I leave the house and have no issues running up to 14 miles with no water on board. These are comfortably paced runs, not pushing my speed at all.

    Now that it's 90+F and 80+% humidity I want water after walking a couple of miles. But then, I use water to cool down as well as hydrate.