Why do you run?

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I was never a fan of running for fun when I was in high school. But the summer before I was married (6 years ago) I gave it a try, and fell in love! The obvious reason for most people to pick it up is for weight loss, and that first summer it sure worked! In the years later through pregnancies, I only ran a few times. Gym time on a treadmill is the worst!! I'll do it, but can only stick to maybe a mile without absolute boredom kicking in! Well this summer I started up again and fell back into my love affair. It is so true, your body will become addicted to it. My favorite time to run is during a very hot day with lots of sun! May sound dumb, but I love the feeling of sweating and actually feel like I'm doing something. Lol. Like the fat on my body is crying for me to stop. I stay hydrated of course! When I am finished (and I usually do only about 3 miles) my body feels strong, energized! Then, when I get home I don't feel like eating a bunch of junk food. If I did, I'd puke! So it keeps me wanting to eat healthy so I can continue on! My other reasons for running are to keep my heart as healthy as it possibly can be! My mother's father (my grandpa) died at 47 of a massive heart attack! (He was not a over weight man) My grandmother died of congestive heart failure. My mother is on disability for a enlarged heart, congestion heart failure and also another heart disease. So I keep on running! I will do whatever it takes to stay healthy. I do not smoke, I try to eat as clean as possible. When I run, my mind clears too! Anything I'm stressed about gets pushed aside because I need to focus on the activity. Where I usually go, the trail follows a river so it is very relaxing! It's my me time...
Favorite quotes:
"I may be slower than a turtle stomping through peanut butter, but I run!"
"You may not be the fastest runner, but you are running laps around those sitting on a couch"
So why do you run? :D


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    Running to help endurance and stamina for other activities. Weight loss helps those other activities too.
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    Police trying to get me and hang these false charges on my head. As soon as dogs lose my scent I'm never running again
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    I would run if something scary was chasing me....does that count?
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    I would run if something scary was chasing me....does that count?

    I was just about to post "when monsters are chasing me", but you beat me to it :)

    Unfortunately I don't run. I don't have the endurance for it. I can do a slow run for about 3-4 minutes, then I'm done in. Kudos to all you runners out there, who can do miles and miles at a time.
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    I started for weight loss reasons as well. At this point I really am not sure why. I could come up with many reasons. I imagine that bio-chemically it all boils down to the fact that the endorphins released over the period of time I committed to running made me addicted, just like any other thing we do that triggers a release of endorphins. But that is a far less interesting reason than all of the other ones.
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    I run for mental reasons. Running (and sex) are the only time my mind actually relaxes. I'm a huge stress ball otherwise. My fav running quote is "find your happy pace".
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    (1) because zombies are chasing me
    (2) because a killer is chasing me
    (3) because a loved one is in IMMEDIATE need of help

    i workout 5 days a week. but i dont run. LOL
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    I run because I get there faster. It's more work now that I have to worry about my ligaments and my joints, but I am still running. I am also running ahead to the day weight loss won't come as easy.


    My favourite quote is on my Brooks band that I earned after finishing my eight week Learn to Run class, it says, "Run Happy".
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    DavPul wrote: »
    Police trying to get me and hang these false charges on my head. As soon as dogs lose my scent I'm never running again

    LOL. I once had a public defender claim that his client just thought the police were letting him go when he ran away from them. Guess he just needed some exercise.

    I too am addicted to the endorphins, and the feeling of accomplishment. And the physical changes in my body, and the increased stamina for my main sport.
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    I started running last September primarily for fitness reasons. Yes I had a lot of weight to lose but I was just tired of being tired and unable to keep up with my active family. Also I pined for the past where I'd been a fit distance runner and mountaineer.

    Ok, that's all b.s. I started running because I'm an unimaginative simpleton! There, that's more honest.

    Why do I still run? That's easy. I'm an unimaginative simpleton! It works for me so I won't change it.

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    I run because I just want to be faster that the other old guy and because I can not stand the feeling of that extra stuff in my midsection when I reach down to tie my shoes. If I wanted to be a jogger I would jog instead of running.
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    I've always been one of those chubby girls that walked the mile in gym class. I HATED running. I decided to challenge myself.

    I started running for physical health, but now I do it more for mental health. Just me, my playlist & open road. I love it.

    Living in California, I get plenty of sunny day runs, but my favorite is rainy day runs! Sure, everyone driving by looks at you like you're completely insane, but I don't care. Running in the rain is like a religious experience for me, very spiritual. Wish California would get some rain!!!!! Sigh
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    I was a swimmer from 6 years old all the way through college. I HATED running. It is a completely different form of breathing from swimming and I would basically hyperventilate from trying to breathe too much when running. A few years after I was done with college swimming I realized how out of shape I was getting and I needed to do something. I didn't have a well paying job and was living paycheck to paycheck, so joining a gym was out of the question. I decided to start running. I still hated it. It took me about a month to finally fall in love with running. I love being able to clear my mind and it is also great exercise for my dog! I just moved to Washington state from south Florida and these hills are killing me!!! It's like starting all over again!
  • blazincajun
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    ... these hills are killing me!!! It's like starting all over again!

    Oh, those hills are so good for you - just maintain good running form and lean a little forward from the hips going downhill.

    Have a great day!

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    Unfortunately I don't run. I don't have the endurance for it. I can do a slow run for about 3-4 minutes, then I'm done in.

    When I started to run, I could only do short periods at a time. Now I'll quite comfortably run for 3 hours in a session. It takes building up to, and if you can run for 3-4 minutes today, you've got the potential to be running 5km in about 8 weeks and 10Km in about 16 weeks.

    Anyway, my main reason for running is that I enjoy it.
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    Running makes me grateful for my health and body.

    I spend so much time hating on my imperfections- the jiggle here, the cellulite there... but when I run I'm overwhelmed by how amazing my body is and what it's capable of. It helps me focus on what's truly worthy of attention. :)
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    I run because I enjoy the simplicity of it and because old age is gaining on me!
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    I run to prove something to myself -- that I can always work on becoming better at it with each step. And the chili dogs tastes much better after a really long run. ;)
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    I'm diabetic and in December the doctor wanted to put me on a second medication. I was already on Metformin. I started running to get my fitness level up, to lose weight and to try to get my A1C down. Last month it was 5.8 which is in the normal range. Now I'm off medication altogether! I've also dropped two pant sizes since I started running. Now I'm a runner for life!