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  • Damn woman! You look fantastic!! Can't wait til I can deadlift 180. The people who missed the sarcasm are hilarious... women don't bulk up like crazy! Eesh. Every lady can benefit from heavy lifting, barring injuries and medical conditions. It has done wonders for my mother since osteoporosis starting rearing its ugly head.
  • for lunch: milk protein powder chicken thigh mayo protein cookie wholemeal tortilla chicken breast for dinner: egg chicken breast chicken thigh colby cheese egg whites milk olive oil haha i like my animal protein okay.
  • you're destined for failure because you have the wrong attitude. there aren't certain magical foods and methods that make fat melt off. eating less calories than you use is the only way to lose weight. literally the only way.
  • regular sugar is horrible for you and most sugar alcohols, in the amounts we consume (a tablespoon in your coffee, etc) are not. basing your whole diet around fake-sweet foods is a bad idea, but removing as much sugar as possible from your diet is going to make fat loss so much easier, and for some people who don't want to…
  • No idea on the vitamin front, I personally just eat my fruits and veggies then take a multi vitamin at the end of the day for good measure. Shakes for me are usually when I haven't had enough protein and just want to chug something and be done with it, or when I don't feel like a full meal for lunch. Whey + berries or…
  • pass on soy milk, it's processed and not actually a health food, just a milk alternative. also has that fun side effect of having phytoestrogen that can mess with growing boys when consumed regularly. yuck.
  • Knowing that if I didn't keep at it I'd be fat this time next year, and I couldn't live with that. If you don't want it badly enough then time will slip on by and you'll wonder where it went.
  • Don't order anything or pick at other people's food if it bothers you? Share food or have half of it bagged beforehand? Seems pretty simple to me, have fun with your friends without making it about food. I think you're stressing too much about the details and letting it control your life.
  • 1 snack and dinner. I wake up late so that suits me, and I get all my cals in. There are *some* benefits to the leangains style of eating if you train hard and follow it properly (for cutting while retaining muscle as best you can) but generally eat when it suits you. Sticking to a weird eating schedule is stupid if you…
  • really expensive premium shakes are kind of a rip off imo (shakeology, or anything aimed at women). go with a tasty plain whey - chocolate or vanilla. they have high protein, low fat and carbs, low calories, mix into milk for something tasty. my favourite it 2 scoops of chocolate blended with some milk and ice.
  • Just.. drink it black or with a tablespoon of milk? There's nothing wrong with putting cream in your coffee, it isn't bad for your weight loss. Sugar on the other hand, yeah, avoid it. Last week though I bought some torani sugar free coffee syrup for my iced coffees and it's awesome.
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  • No offense but yes she looks like a plus size model. She's got a gut and full thighs and wears a size 17. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that body shape or size (and she wears it very well at 6'2") but I thought the image would be more shocking.
  • No such thing as too much protein, especially as MFP's default setting is WAY too low. When I lifted weights I tried to get about 100g a day.
  • I usually have makeup on at the gym because I go straight after class or work, but I don't see why you'd care if it stays on once you're there. Even if you're going somewhere after i'd re-apply since your sweaty self will need a shower.
  • Take the word "tone" and throw it in the garbage. All it means is "burn fat" so that you can see the shape of your actual body underneath. The only way you will lose fat and keep your curves is if it's in your genetics. Fat distribution will determine where fat stays when you start losing it. You might lose all the fat off…
  • Cardio is not a must, wtf people? Do you actually read about the things you say? Cardio burns calories. You could achieve the same result by not eating those calories in the first place. Cardio is healthy and good for you but for weight loss purposes (especially when she already lifts to create/preserve muscle mass) it is…
  • No exercises will tighten up skin, as your skin is an organ and not a muscle. However over time it will hopefully reshape and tighten itself, with the help of lots of water and antioxidants every day. If it doesn't you might have to look into medical solutions.
  • Juice isn't really healthy, it's just sugar with a few tiny fruit benefits. If you're going over on sugar then cut the juice first. Sugar is sugar, the source doesn't matter, fruit cake soda. Fruit at least has a lot fiber and micronutrients per gram of sugar.
  • troll in the dungeon
  • I was being semi sarcastic but what sort of answer are you looking for? Because the answer is almost always going to be eat less and move more, with a side of "stop eating crappy food". To lose 10 lbs in a month most people need a ~1100 calorie deficit a day.
  • TBH I didn't read through this because I know it all (though I'd like the citation for needing 60% carbs?). Bumping for knowledge though, too many people underestimate how bad excess sugar is for you.
  • If you are not losing weight you are eating too much or have a medical condition.
  • Unless you have specific problems with it (like the person who gets migraines) then saunas are generally good because being hot and sweating for short periods is good for you, especially your skin. The only weight loss is causes is water exiting your body though. :-)
  • You eat a DEFICIT of 1400 calories or you eat 1400 calories? I'm not familiar with overweight/obese body fat percentages, but that sounds possible. Women and men BF% are very different even if they look like they have the same amount because of women having essential fat in their breasts and hips that is very hard to get…
  • omg perfect human being
  • Lack of interest usually. Or they haven't been let in on the fact that tons of food have horrible things in them they'd never expect. Personally the only time I buy a food without ever looking at the label is when I'm short on cash and need the cheapest version - and I just don't want to know. Lol.
  • They don't market it as being "healthy" explicitly but they do market it as part of a balanced breakfast full of goodness and energy. I'm not saying they lied or falsified. Chillaxxx. Or that the suing was justified, I just used it to…
  • All it is is calorie reduction. They figure you eat 500 cals in a meal, so if you have 200 cal bowl of special k instead, you will lose weight. Skip it and do something smarter like making meals smaller yourself and with protein and veggies instead of carby cereal.