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  • Basically it woul be the difference between the burn for a walk for a person at your current weight and the burn for a walk for a person who weighs 3 lbs. more than you... It won't be very much of a difference burn-wise. That's not to say you should stop doing it though, as there are other benefits aside from caloric burn.
  • Have you tried running outside?
  • I use a couple of apps on my cell phone during my sessions - C25K free and MapMyRun. The C25K app tells me when to walk and run and the MapMyRun app tells me my distance and speed. I put the overall distance and speed into a calculator on and it gives me an approximate caloric expenditure. Then I…
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  • I have completed the program before and have re-started today on W1D1. I considered skipping ahead, but I would rather ease my body into it to ensure the workouts stay in the "comfortable" range. It will allow my lungs, my muscles, and my brain to slowly get used to the higher increments. The fact that you are a little…
  • You should weigh as often as works for you. I like to weigh daily to see how my day to day activities and food/water choices affect my weight. I have thought about weighing weekly occasionally, but there have been times where my weight on one Monday would the same from one week to the next even though there were…
  • I like sopa de pollo, or chicken soup.
  • I feel like I can't quite break through 169.0 lbs. I feel like I am logging accurately, both calories burned and calories consumed, I am drinking tons of water, and it doesn't seem to make a difference how much sodium I eat... This happened last month and all of a sudden, after hovering within a three pound range last…
  • My first thought was dehydration. Maybe chug a glass right before you leave to go to the Y? Maybe hydrating before will prevent the headache but not cause cramping.
  • Great job!
  • Why do you think you are doing something wrong? A loss of 1.8 is fantastic!
  • Sooo, I forgot on Friday.... I have added my weight from both Friday and today. Friday I believe I was retaining a little water (TOM), but that seems to have fallen off now. I have been struggling a bit with my weight going up and down over the last couple of months. When I look back over the course of the last 3 months,…
  • I am curious to know what you show your deficit was for those months. Is it possible that your BMR is off? Or, that your activity level is off? Those are both estimates and may require tweaking. I have been struggling for the last month or so, but I don't think it is related to the method. All this method does is reveal…
  • You set your MFP goal to 1969. You eat 1641. This gives you a daily deficit of 328 which should translate to a little more than half a pound loss per week. If you exercise, this will increase your deficit, unless you eat the exercise calories - which you can if you are hungry. If you burn more than 672 at the gym, you…
  • I was just thinking that a monthly weigh-in thread would be perfect here! I like tracking my progress, and I think it is best to do it here where others are doing the same method. Previously, I posted all of my weekly weigh-ins, but I think for previous months, I will just post my weight from around the first of the month,…
  • That is great news!!! Being so close to your goal, the scale may move more slowly, although it is moving now, so that is great! I just FEEL better eating my BMR... I don't feel like I am starving myself, and it encourages me to exercise more. Also, you may want to be sure you take a rest day from exercise. Your muscles…
  • Because it isn't healthy to eat that small of a number of calories each day. The purpose of eating your BMR is to ensure your body is getting the nutrients and energy needed to function.
  • The most accurate would be a HRM or BodyMediaFit/BodyBugg/FitBit. I use the MFP calculations or the burn listed on other websites. I haven't had a problem yet using those numbers, but I definitely have a BodyMedia Fit at the top of my wish list!
  • Are you referring to high-fructose substances like corn syrup or to naturally occurring fructose?
  • :laugh: Interesting conversation as a whole. I was talking this morning about sugar and how I believe (I would love to find a study that substantiates this) the the body metabolizes fructose differently than other glucose/sucrose compounds. I have a hard time believing that a non-manmade sugar (fructose) would be as bad…
  • That is correct.
  • Breathe. Pace yourself. I know the "breathe" sounds like a no-brainer, but the biggest thing in pushing through the 5-minute running barrier is learning how to breathe to give your body the right balance of oxygen as you are running. Going hand in hand with this is running at a moderate pace -- if you are "out of breath"…
  • The app on my iPhone shows it to me in a daily or weekly format.
  • Shouldn't this say that you would need to eat 3500 calories more than you burn to gain a lb of fat?!?
  • Great job!
  • 12.02.2011: 190.6 lbs. 12.09.2011: 187.4 lbs. 12.16.2011: 186.2 lbs. 12.23.2011: 185.4 lbs. 12.28.2011: 183.2 lbs. 01.03.2012: 183.0 lbs. 01.10.2012: 181.4 lbs. 01.16.2012: 177.2 lbs. 01.23.2012: 178.8 lbs. 01.26.2012: 180.0 lbs. 02.03.2012: 175.4 lbs. 02.10.2012: 172.2 lbs. Another large drop this week. I am thinking that…