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  • Drain, and press, (you can use a couple of plates and some heavy books). Marinade with your fav marinade. Then bake for about 40 mins, turning after 20 mins. Delish hot or cold. Use like you would sliced meat or bacon.
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  • I've heard that a lot of NHS regions here in the U.K. have stopped offering the lapband as a WLS option due to complications & poor results. Personally I'm just about to start the tier system, hopefully, I see my GP tomorrow to ask to be considered. So fingers crossed. And I'm leaning towards the sleeve, I don't much fancy…
  • Their last program didn't work for me. It was just about impossible to lose weight. It was geared towards people who didn't cook from scratch, and being a Veggie a lot of my staples were very high in points. CC works fine. Tho I have 'pinched' the one good veggie curry recipe they had as my own.
  • Hi, I'm a yo-yo dieter who's fed up with always regaining the weight. And addicted to quick results, that I know I can't maintain over the long haul. :-/ So I'm trying really hard this time to take it slow & steady. I'm a hefty 276 ATM, with a target of 140, tho that will probably be adjusted upwards as I near it. 5'4" 53…
  • I see myself in your post. I'm exactly the same, with the additional issue of if anyone comments on my progress that's enough to knock me back to my bad habits. But this time I'm trying to take things slower, and not go to extremes. The event I'm trying to look good for is 16 months away, I'm not leaving it to the last…
  • Big bowl of salad with raw beetroot & braised tofu. Yummy.
  • I get one every year. I have underlying health issues that mean getting the 'flu' is dangerous for me. Thankfully it usually works. And I've never suffered any ill effects from it. This year I was offered a jab against pneumonia for the first time, had that & the flu jab at the same time. No side effects.
  • Multi tasking. Wasting time on MFP, snuggling the dog, watching the news, and 'cooking' supper. Actually reheating yesterday's leftovers.
  • Yes! If I can get outside & have a walk/hike it helps my depression far more than medication ever does. The trick is to find something you enjoy doing. Lifting weights works for me too, but I had to give up my gym membership due to cost.
  • Tbh I really don't care. I've tried WW and, other than the weigh in, felt like I was being subjected to an infomercial. The hard sell on WW products was ridiculous, and no exercise other than a gentle walk was encouraged. I lasted a couple of weeks, and did lose a few lbs, but learned nothing useful. As to Oprah saving the…
  • Diet foods are usually full of additives. And don't taste so good to me. I only have them if I can't cook for myself. Real, home cooked, meals are much better and you know exactly what's in them.
  • I'm sorry but you are not Vegan and nor are you Vegetarian. People who claim they are either Vegan or Veggie then eat flesh cause confusion in restaurants & problems for people who actually are vegan or Veggie. I've been caught out more than once by food marked on the menu as suitable, but when it arrived at the table it…
  • It's just the latest food fad. With no actual evidence behind the claims made for it.
  • Hi. I'm a Long time Veggie (over 20 years) and do have quite a few Vegan days. I toy with going full Vegan, but cheese is my big downfall.
  • It's down to,the weather. It's been a bad year for caulies.
  • Porridge made with half water & half Soy Milk, with a teaspoon of local honey & fresh berries. Keeps me full till lunch time.
  • I can never stick to just 1 diet, so over the years I've found that cooking from scratch, using 'real' ingredients works best for me. So that's lots of fresh fruit & veg, homemade everything, and bulk cooking so when I don't feel like cooking there's a selection of healthy, low cal meals ready to go. And if I can't get…
  • Yes it's possible, if you cook from scratch. But you do lose some of the flavour by cutting right down on the amount of oil used.
  • I've been veggie for about 24 years. I do eat eggs & cheese occasionally, but I try to stick to a mostly a Vegan diet as I feel so much better eating that way. Feel free to add me, tho as I'm in the UK the products I do use will be different to what's available in the U.S.
  • I love the book Appetite for Reduction. Every recipe I've tried has been delish. Even my meat eater hubby has enjoyed the meals!
  • Try adding some fresh ginger to your mix. You can get it ready to use in jars, just keep it on the fridge. Or try pasta sauce/pesto. Not very authentic, but healthy & tasty.
  • One of the nicest pizzas I've ever had was in Rome, thin base, thinly sliced new potatoes, olive oil, and fresh rosemary. Very simple, and delish!
  • This is just a western scare story. You just need to look at countries like Japan where they regularly eat multiple soya products. No moobs in sight. Man boobs are usually caused by carrying too much weight. Tho there can be a genetic component. Personally I only use soy milk in porridge, where it needs the 'creaminess'.…
  • I've just re-started my get healthy journey & I have over 100lbs to get rid of. I could definitely use some friends to help keep me on track.
  • Hi, I'm in West Yorkshire & have 140lbs to dump. Managed to get rid of about half of it a couple of years ago, but have gradually gained it all back. I'm 5'4 and my target weight is 140lbs but tbh that might get moved up slightly. I'm a veggie and a keen walker, tho not at the moment, between a chest infection that just…
  • Cheese. It's the only food I could NEVER give up.
  • Just added you. I'm in Hebden Bridge, so just a train ride away.:smile:
  • 1. 3D give me migrain. And I get motion sick at some movies (Troll Hunter anyone) so I'm not going to risk it.
  • Addict, total addict.:laugh: But I've found some yummy new receipe ideas on there. And I wont mention my Supernatural fixation.:blushing: