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  • I've ordered it (I did have it but its lost - probably me throwing it away and crying) and I never got past week 2 - so this time its all or nothing! Even ordered a cushioned mat as my biggest issue was the floor work - it hurt on a yoga mat and laminate floors!
  • I'm going to go against the grain here - I really disliked Alaska, I've avoided green's books since because of it. I ranted on about why I disliked it in my blog, but in summary I felt he was too concerned with producing a clever, thought provoking book to ensure its realisim and its honesty.
  • I'm on there too: and I'm a book blogger - you can like my blog too if you like :) - I'm mostly YA reads but do venture into adult reading if there's a really good book that tickles my fancy!
  • just to add to this one.....I got mine a couple of days ago - calories not hugely accurate - apparently at 6 foot and 179lbs I only burn about 1100 a day (this includes my 20 min run :D) but the fuel bit is really addictive - its more of a tool to keep you active. I keep setting my fuel target higher and will do that bit…
  • Currently studying BSc (hone) in animal behaviour and welfare (third yr) then onto a Msc in zoo archeology and finally a phd in auditory biology all based around wolves - well that's the plan any how :)
  • Not time travel but paranormal - have u tried The Rook? Found it took over my life! Read it in a day in the end and am still dreaming a out it. The blurb doesn't sound that great but it really is- its a girl who wakes up surrounded by bodies with no memory of who she is, with the help of letters from her format self she…
  • You sound like a similar reader to me: Try delirium and pandemonium by Lauren Oliver Slated by Teri terry Partials (can't remember the author) And hunting lila by Sara alderson I'm reading pure at the moment but it's a bit hard going, just bought code name verity so will report back on that! Oh and if you like zombie type…
  • Enjoy it! It really wasn't that bad!
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  • I think this is really unfair - I know more women's that have issues with periods than do not. I'm physically sick for 2-3 days prior to my period, but I'm used ot it so rarely call into work because of it, but I am also extremely lethargic (falling asleep at 5.30pm etc) which can affect my performance at work,but I try. I…
  • How weird was just about to post the same question, thought I'd do a search first! I'd also be interested in people's opinions. The reviews post it as a rival to fitbit rather than a full hrm
  • Yey! I did it today too - thought it was going to be a killer but found it easier than day 2 (5 mins, 8 mins, 5 mins)
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  • I love these too - tend to stick to teen reads though, find them easier to get thru! Love I am number four (aliens not strictly paranormal) and Jennifer Lynn Barnes' books
  • I use 10k runner, I paid but there is a free version (to get you started), found it to be the best one for me.
  • How we all doing?
  • Lol. No way am I putting lulu melons into google - u just know that will set off the work 'porn alarms' :D Besides, someone already told us. So there :p
  • Lol. Thank you. Think I might start using it as a term for boobs anyway....
  • Lol @ this thread and people STILL not realising the op is joking (one look at her profile pic should help - muscles!) but I'm still at a loss for what lulu melons are? Boobies?
  • Apologies if these have been posted:
  • Some I did for work (pet photograpy!): And some scenery ones I've just done - am a completely self taught photographer and struggle with scenery!
  • I've steered clear of fifty shades after reading the first few pages. Awful, awful writing! I loved legend - was very hunger games esque though. Try slated by Teri terry, an excellent read.
  • Just finished partials and slated. Now on to night circus and unravelling. Oh and the loop on kindle, but I'm not really 'feeling' it as Evans seems to portray wolves in a very off way, maybe it'll get better but as I specialise in wolves it is a bit off putting!
  • Thanks guys, may give it a miss tomorrow as I'm feeling bad again this evening! For those saying its not flu, how could you possibly know? I thought it was a cold early last week but it's got progressively worse (shivers, fever, streaming eyes, nose etc). It's flu. I do not feel like running, or doing anything tbh, but…
  • Just bought it, not my normal read so hoping for big things!
  • Week 5 on weds :o I'm scared! Took the dog out with me today - he loved it but was getting tired by the end do decided to try and kill me by running under my feet!!
  • I have some, had them 3 days. Not expecting to lose weight, but there is suggestion that they help with water weight and reduce cellulite- both pluses for me!
  • Mine are: and -both wildlife and animal related, feel free to mosey!
  • I loved all 3. But I spaced them out, rather than reading them in one go, which may have helped!
  • I'm nearly 30, I have 7 - including wrist tattoos, one on the inside of my arm (only little though) and both shoulder blades. I got my first at 16. Never had an issue with job interviews, and up until 2 years go I worked in a very straight laced Japanese tech company. I'm now retraining into animal behaviour, where my…
  • I on w3d3 tomorrow. Eek.