• BA - English/Political Science
    MPA - Public Administration
    MED - Higher Ed Business Administration (in progress, Aug 2013 completion)
  • BS Biochemistry Minor Biology
    MA Biology/Molecular Biology
  • ssilvey726
    ssilvey726 Posts: 107 Member
    I have a B.S. in Journalism, with concentrations in Public Relations and News/Editorial.

    Considering continuing my education, but not sure what a MS in Communications would really get me. Would be interested in hearing the opinions of folks with a Master's degree. Is it worth the extra debt these days?
  • Mexie1
    Mexie1 Posts: 48 Member
    BA & MA Natural Sciences
  • chardi7
    chardi7 Posts: 42 Member
    BS Accounting
  • bbriscoe13
    bbriscoe13 Posts: 175 Member
    BS in Electrical Engineering.
  • eatrainsmile
    eatrainsmile Posts: 220 Member
    BSCE (Bachelors of Science, Civil Engineering)

  • daisydog101
    daisydog101 Posts: 81 Member
    Ask me again in 3 years and I will have a Bachelor of Nursing and a Bachelor of Paramedicine :D
    Nearly 1 year down!
  • jenilla1
    jenilla1 Posts: 11,122 Member
    BS Environmental Sciences

    MA Education
  • aa1440
    aa1440 Posts: 956 Member
    Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice.
  • SuffolkSally
    SuffolkSally Posts: 965 Member
    BA Hons in Intellectual History (even I think it's a joke!) MSc in Mental Health Work
  • diddyk
    diddyk Posts: 269 Member
    HB.Comm, Major in Accounting.

    CGA designation (not really a degree grad education.)
  • chelley_79
    chelley_79 Posts: 102 Member
    Bachelors of Science - Geology :-)
  • april522
    april522 Posts: 388 Member
    Associates in Radio Production & Programming
    Associates in Culinary Arts
    Associates in Baking & Confectionery Sugars
  • LisaBeateith2012
    LisaBeateith2012 Posts: 347 Member
    BA Tourism International Travel Management
  • sevsmom
    sevsmom Posts: 1,173 Member
    Bachelors of Science in Community Health Education. . .funny enough I've worked in the field for all but about 12 months since graduation.. .many, many moons ago.
  • bazaar1982
    bazaar1982 Posts: 159 Member
    Currently studying BSc (hone) in animal behaviour and welfare (third yr) then onto a Msc in zoo archeology and finally a phd in auditory biology all based around wolves - well that's the plan any how :)
  • jonward85
    jonward85 Posts: 534 Member
    Bachelor in Management Information since I am a programmer that deals with too many business units and end up having to "Understand" what they need more than "listening" to what they say they are needing.
  • Masters degree in Pharmacy
  • jsj024519
    jsj024519 Posts: 400 Member
    BS Criminal Justice
    MA Criminology and Criminal Justice (in process)

    Considering going for my Ph. D but I am undecided.

    Anyone out there with a Ph. D in Criminology/Criminal Justice?