Any opinions on the Nike Fuel Band?

Out of curiosity, is there anyone with any experience with the Nike fuel band? I haven't heard a whole lot of the pros or cons. Any advice would be appreciated.


  • NOLA_Meg
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    I almost got one awhile back but decided against it mostly because I already have a fitbit and I personally wanted to make myself use something I already had rather than get the next cool thing thinking I'd use that more. There are some pretty informative reviews on-line. I just googled "nike fuel band review" and read through some. I have heard that it is not very accurate due to wearing it on the arm and the technology involved. I think it's one of those things that might be better to wait and get after they modify it. I definitely wanted one- I think they look cool and would be convenient, I'm just not sure the technology is all there yet.
  • Scorpioangel
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    I just got one but I haven't opened it up and set it up yet. I am wondering what it's all about :)
  • bigtwagner
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    Anyone else? Please
  • Waynedude
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    I got one and have been using it for about two months now. I find it pretty awesome to track reference activity day to day. It is surprisingly accurate in general activity like walking, running, daily activity, but doesn't track the added difficulty of weight training or biking. All else being even, it is great as a constant companion telling where you are in a day, and if you need a bit more activity. You set your goals and it prompts you to reach those goals. I wish it would link with my fit pal and track calories used in relation to calories eaten. Hope this helps.
  • Jacwhite22
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    I have one. I love it. It's not the most accurate tool.....It's kind of gimicky....but it makes me more active. There are days I am over 3k cals through HRM/Fitbit and not even to 2k on fuel band depending on the activities. I generally put in more time to hit all my goals because I don't like missing them.
  • hokey74
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    My friend and I today did exactly the same workout - 45 minute Body Combat class.

    My friends Nike Fuel band reported that she had burned off approx. 700 calories
    My Suunto HRM said I burned off approx. 470

    Now, we are different heights and weights etc.... and of course I am wearing the heart rate monitor where as the Fuel band just works off of movement.....
    So, I am going to suggest that next week when we do the same class again... she wears my HRM and I wear her Fuel band... I will report back to let you know what happens!

    Kel x
  • bazaar1982
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    just to add to this one.....I got mine a couple of days ago - calories not hugely accurate - apparently at 6 foot and 179lbs I only burn about 1100 a day (this includes my 20 min run :D) but the fuel bit is really addictive - its more of a tool to keep you active. I keep setting my fuel target higher and will do that bit extra to acheive it.... so great gimmik for keeping you on track, the calories are a good guide for your activity level burn (ie what you burn due to movement) but I suspect they don't calculate your in-body burns (breathing etc). But I know if I've burnt 1100 on the band, then I'm doing good for the day"