Working out during period (for ladies)



  • morganhccstudent724
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    I teach Zumba and an *kitten*/Abs class sometimes during the worst days of my period.

    My students don't care if Aunt Flo is around or not....I still have to go give it my all.
  • vjt1976
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    When I don't feel like going I drag my butt to the gym with the idea of only getting on the treadmill for only 20 min. After the 20 mins I'm like hey thats not so bad I think I can go for another round and feel so much better. You can't lose if you at least go for 20 mins. Good Luck!
  • bazaar1982
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    absolutely NOTHING changes for me when I have my period-
    Is this an excuse for some? Or is it that bad?? Been getting it almost 30 years- have had 3 babies- I know women who call out once a month from it- and if I was their boss Id figure out a way to fire them.

    Makes women look bad when we complain about our period I believe.

    I think this is really unfair - I know more women's that have issues with periods than do not. I'm physically sick for 2-3 days prior to my period, but I'm used ot it so rarely call into work because of it, but I am also extremely lethargic (falling asleep at 5.30pm etc) which can affect my performance at work,but I try. I know friends that double over in pain, have cysts etc etc. it's like pregnancy - every woman is different, I breezed thru my first one, was in the 'pregnancy is not an illness' camp, tutting at those that 'used it as an excuse' then came baby number two - I REALLY felt pregnant that time, sickness, sciatica, anaemia the lot - it made me realise how different we all are.

    You are obviously lucky when it comes to Tom. Doesn't mean everyone else is faking.

    Op - I try to keep going during my period but listen to your body and don't do too much if you suffer with them
  • shyrina25
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    even though i so so do not wanna do anything during that time of the month I force myself. makes me feel better afterwards.
  • I'm a bit of a special case, as for various (currently undiscovered) reasons, I have a constant period.

    So I HAVE to work out during my period.

    Before my period stopped stopping, however, I'd work out as much as I could on the period. It used to be super heavy (way more than 2-10 tbsp) and ridiculously painful, so it wasn't always too successful. But, hey, if you suffer from bad cramps, exercise can be one of the ways to ease it!

    Are you on depo? I had the depo shot once and had my period for 6 effin months. It was hell.
  • amyowens08
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    I work out the same amount, but I definitely get tired and achey more easily.

    ^^^ This
  • rachellem86
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    The first two-three days are a write off for me. I don't go to work, I don't get out of bed, I don't eat because I throw up everything I consume.

    By day four, I have usually regained my strength (and ability to eat), and resume working out as normal.
  • tyresank
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    I agree with antoher poster:
    Unless it's really bad ill push myself to do it ......
    and yes ladies at 54 I still have it come around and surprise me from time to time... :sad:
  • TubbsMcGee
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    Pfft I'm on my rag right now and I've been exercising MORE than usual, if anything. I'm on day 3 and feeling more alert compared to when I don't work out when TOM is in town.
    I usually have intense cramps (so bad that I have to take T3's/codeine) but if I really push through a workout, I don't feel a thing and don't need 'em :D
  • lucythinmint
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    I do the same amount as I do any other time. It actually helps PMS and I also suffer from PMDD and working out has done wonders for me.
    If anything I make sure I go and work harder so I burn off the b*tchiness and bloat. :drinker:
  • Crazibaker
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    I find that weirdly, I have more energy when I work out during my period. It's a struggle to get myself to the gym though because really what I want to do it is lay on the couch with a bag of chocolate chips and watch the Kardashians. :laugh:
  • BootCampCrazy
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    I'm not going to lie....I workout harder during that tom just so I can 'afford' to eat more ice cream ;)
  • chink39
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    I usually don't work out when I'm on my period, but I pushed myself to do it this month.
  • 2143661
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    Nine times out of ten I am still in the gym busting my *kitten* and keeping up with my diet. I just listen to my body. If my body says no then I don't go.
  • KCramer12
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    I work out the same. Dont feel like it when i am on my tom but feel like I push myself harder when i do workout during.
  • Sharonks
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    I'm not going to lie either: For me there is no difference. None at all. Why would I work out less or do anything different? On the first day I might have some cramps, so I try to not work out exactly when I have them (they usually only last an hour or so). But besides that... all the same. I don't feel bigger, I don't retain water (at least not that I know of), I don't think the period is an illness or disability.

    I know people who have terrible cramps and can hardly walk. Of course for them it's different. But in general I think we (meaning women) make way too big of a deal out of losing 2-10 tbs of blood...

    I wish it was only 2- 10 tbs. On days 2,3 and 4 I am in the bathroom every 45 min. I don't sleep for 2 nights. During that time I go through about 50 products. I'd give anything to have cramps for only an hour, you are very fortunate. I don't go to the gym on those days, I use the treadmill at home but for half the time. When I work out it is heavier, but on day 1 and days 5, 6 and 7 I work out like normal. It's all up to how you feel.

    You may want to see a dr. It was like that for me for a few years. It turned out I had fibroids. I decided to have a hysterectomy but depending on your place in life there are some other things that can be done that may not affect your fertility.

    I used to prefer to work through my cramps because in the long run it made me feel better. then the above mentioned few years it just caused me to bleed even more heavily. Given I often would be in the bathroom every 10 minutes I wouldn't exercise. Then i became so anemic I could hardly get out of bed. Even though I have my ovaries and have a cycle still I feel so good that I have no problem exercising.
  • I exercise a ton when its my time of the month and I never get cramps now.
  • cmeade20
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    absolutely NOTHING changes for me when I have my period-
    Is this an excuse for some? Or is it that bad?? Been getting it almost 30 years- have had 3 babies- I know women who call out once a month from it- and if I was their boss Id figure out a way to fire them.

    Makes women look bad when we complain about our period I believe.

    This is incredibly ignorant. Some of us aren't as fortunate as you are. I wish I didn't spend the first 2-3 days of my period sick as a dog.
  • kamorgozo
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    I try to do my regular exercising, but I get worn out really quickly and usually don't end up getting as much done as when I'm not on my period. I think it's partly to do with low iron - I'm already have pretty low iron (within normal range, but low), and my period week it just plummets.
  • ChitownFoodie
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    Makes no difference to me. I work my butt off regardless.