30 Day Shred TEAM!

I am currently on Level 1 Day 6. Haven't seen any difference. Anybody here currently doing it? I want a little motivational thread for the month! How are you keeping up?


  • herewego85
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    I just started today! I have to admit I am a little bit sore.
  • enchromaticc
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    Little secret, I've NEVER completed the program. The most I've gotten to I think was Level 2 Day 5. (So close, I know! Halfway through). But when I did do it that consecutively, it hurtttt! And I definitely saw a difference in my endurance, which I still maintained. I can now do 804294320 bicycle kicks without batting an eyelash. My pushups also increased.

    You'll start seeing results soon, I promise!
  • Orfygirl
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    I LOVE Jillian Michaels BUT I have never seen any result doing her programs only. All she really does is strength training which is great but for me I need to alternate her workouts with some all cardio workouts to see results. Maybe if you try swapping out one or two of those days that you do 30 DS for running, dancing, kickboxing or (my favorite) step aerobics, you might see results a little bit faster.
  • beethann
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    I am on Level 1 day 5. I am not seeing results yet but I don't expect to until at least the 15 day mark.

    I've done the 30 day shred before and seen results. I lost inches vs. weight though. I am trying to also do cardio but some days that just doesn't work out.
  • bdruggles
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    Dare I ask what this "Shred" is?
  • halfpintpeggy
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    I am currently on Level 1 Day 6. Haven't seen any difference. Anybody here currently doing it? I want a little motivational thread for the month! How are you keeping up?

    Level 1 day 5 here....I'll be on your team!! So far I've noticed my endurance & strength improving, I thought I was going to die for the first two days,lol. I've read a lot about the Shred stating that the real noticeable results show up in weeks 3 & 4. Let's keep it up, we can do this!!
  • colourfulchaos
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    I've done it a few times and have never really seen the differences so many others have from it :grumble: BUT I do still find it a great workout and a way to ease me into some of her other (tougher) ones. I'm currently on level 1 day 8
  • Chickie25
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    I'm on day 1 of level 2 and I haven't really lost any weight, maybe a pound or two but I definately notice that my clothing is fitting different. I haven't measured yet but I'm sure that I've lost a few inches.
  • herewego85
    herewego85 Posts: 76
    I am doing this along with a new healthy eating regimen. Before I started the 30DS I had already lost 3 pounds and almost an inch of my waist. So I am interested to see what this program might do for me. Good luck everybody and keep up the good work.
  • Lesleycali
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    Hi, I did it about a year ago and noticed results around week 2 or 3. I've started again this month and am on level Level 2 day 2, but I'm alternating days with trail running, because I want more cardio. This means the 30 days will actually take me 60 or so :)

    Also limiting calories and *TRYING* to avoid sugar and refined carbs. Stress *trying* here! So far I've lost over an inch on my waist and my shoulders/ upper arms look better. In fact that's what changed most last time I did- my shoulders and arms. It's funny- people noticed; never really thought that much about that part of my body before, but sure I'll take sexy shoulders!
  • herewego85
    herewego85 Posts: 76
    When will my legs stop hurting? Probably just in time to start Level 2 LOL
  • magicducky13
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    I just finished day 5 level one and my legs are killing me. I will defenetly add some cardio in since I need to lose the weight and inches haha I can not wait to see results. I just wish my legs would not ache as much haha Good luck everyone we can do it!
  • bazaar1982
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    I've ordered it (I did have it but its lost - probably me throwing it away and crying) and I never got past week 2 - so this time its all or nothing! Even ordered a cushioned mat as my biggest issue was the floor work - it hurt on a yoga mat and laminate floors!
  • pinkvici
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    I completed this about a week or so ago - I only lost a pound or 2, but lost 2 inches from my waist and an inch from my hips. I have since started alternating Jillian Michaels' Banish Fat Boost Metabolism and 6 week 6 pack. I couldn't really see much of a difference myself...UNTIL I went bikini shopping!!! I took some selfies in the changing room (*feel free to mock me, but I really needed a second opinion and hubby wasn't allowed in the changing room!!!!), and I can actually see some definition in my stomach and arms - this is a huge achievement for me as I have felt very wobbly and out of shape since I had my daughter!

    Good luck everyone!!
  • Ashley6278
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    30 days shred works! I lost 9 pounds and it was all fat, i know because I was doing another workout program before that and it was stalling my weight loss Because it was to much intensity, for me 30 day shred Was perfect because of the strength plus cardio routine which is very important to lose weight, I worked out about 4 days a week with her, and did one cardio day, I lowered my carb intake which always works miracles for me, and made sure I got my protein, drink plenty of water throughout the day, don't weigh in till the second to last week of program is my advice because the scale will go up due to water weight from the swelling of muscles the following day. Be patient stick with it and you will love the results!
  • colourfulchaos
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    Starting level 2 today..... I loathe level 2
  • herewego85
    herewego85 Posts: 76
    Day 5 today and it is getting a bit easier. Thank God!
  • colourfulchaos
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    It doesn't matter how many times I've done the dvd, level 2 still huuurts. It's going to be a long 10 days.
  • sissitje
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    Same here!

    I'm at day 9 and definitely feel a change in terms of endurance! I thought I was going to die at day 1, but it feels a little easier now.
    I'm a little concerned about level 2 though, I heard it was the toughest one LoL
    My clothing fits a little bit looser than before, but I'm waiting till the last day of the program to weight myself again, since I know that I'm gaining muscles at the moment...

    Hope to hear from your results soon!
  • herewego85
    herewego85 Posts: 76
    I am on Day 5 on Level 1 and it is getting a little bit easier. I might take you advice and stop weighing my self until the Level is up. I am frustrated that I have not lost any weight in almost 2 weeks even though I feel like I am doing well. My kids actually think it is great to do the Shred workout with me. So that really keeps me motivated. Keep up the good work everyone.