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  • I'm in!! Sunday 05/07 - Sunday 12/07 - Sunday 19/07 - Sunday 26/07 - Friday 31/07 - Good luck everyone :)
  • I'd like to join in too - will add to spreadsheet :-)
  • Tomorrow I've got a big salad (romaine lettuce, cucumber and cherry tomatoes) with full fat cottage cheese, chicken breast (that I cooked tonight in butter and lemon good!) and I expect I'll top it off with some mayonnaise :-))
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  • If you're good with cheese then try boiling up some cauliflower and melting cheese over the top of's like a match made in heaven. Then when/if you like that then add some brocolli to the mix! Try making your own tomato sauces for your pasta and adding finely chopped carrots, onions, cabbage etc :-))
  • Hitting up KitaCon in Birmingham, UK in March. In the middle of making a Druid Tier 1 (World of Warcraft)'s time to start panicking soon as I'm no where near as ready as I should be lol!!
  • telogen effluvium can be triggered by rapid weight loss, regardless of diet type
  • Chicken breasts Pork loin steaks Frozen mackerel fillets Prawns Bacon Deli ham Salami Eggs (always free range) Butter (the proper stuff) Double cream Soured cream Cream cheese Whole milk (cannot live without a few cups of tea lol) Mozzarella Cheddar Broccoli (fresh and frozen) Cauliflower (fresh and frozen) Sprouts…
  • Woah...hang on...sar what?!?!
  • Only ones I definitely doing this year are: Southampton Race for Life - 10k in July Southampton Race for Life - 5k twilight run in October I'm hoping to get on to some Canicross runs as well :-))
  • My favourite breakfast at the moment is scrambled eggs (3 eggs, butter, splash of whole milk, s&p), cherry tomatoes (I nuke in microwave for a few seconds to soften), hot sauce and grated good!!
  • I bought some of the Eat Water Slim Fettuccine. It was OK but I think I'll stick with courgette 'noodles' in the future...cheaper, about the same texture and more natural :-))
  • I generally eat less than 30g of carbs per day - I've got pcos and I'm insulin resistant, it is literally the only way I can control my I feel so much better...I'm eating better than I ever have...and it is totally sustainable! If you're thinking of following a low carb way of eating then I would definitely…
  • Helloooo! I'm 29 from Southampton...feel free to add me :-)
  • a) fat is not bad for you b) freshly grilled sardines are amazing taste wise and nutrition wise c) damn, I fancy some now
  • I bought some Truvia granules (pretty much the same stuff) and it does have a very odd aftertaste, I've used it a few times but I'm really not keen on it so it's just sat in the cupboard waiting for my next cupboard clean out lol!
  • I'll have at least 2 whole eggs per day...they're awesome :-))
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  • I think she looks great!! She's obviously worked very hard and good on her for it!!
  • Apparently sautéeing along with other greens with olive oil, garlic and chilli is good. I've never tried it but I remember having loads of the plants at the bottom of the garden at my parents!
  • You can get a brand called Meridian from Holland & Barrett which is literally just mashed up peanuts and is my favourite one by far. The natural oil settles at the top so you've gotta give it a good stir before you use it. Second would be the Whole Earth brand (available from most supermarkets) which has peanuts and palm…
  • Here's how I did it. I made a plan: a pack of 5 e-cig cartomizers at 21mg, then a 5 pack of 16mg, then three 5 packs of 11mg, then 8mg patches with 0mg e-cig cartomizers for a week, then no patches and just niquitin sweets with 2mg each unti I couldn't be bother anymore. I got as far as the 11mgs and that did it for…
  • How long has it been since your last loss? If its only been a couple of days then I shouldn't worry just yet. If it's been well over a week maybe take a look at what you're eating - try cutting out the sodas and atkins bars - some people's bodies can't tolerate them as good as others can :-))
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  • You don't have to eat 20 carbs, thats just the recommended maximum for the day. When I was doing induction I usually had more like 15g...then bumped that up to more like 20g in the next phase. Also, The green peppers that you added don't have all the values entered so that's probably another couple of carbs :-))
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  • I guess us UK'ers have it a little easier as our food labels only state the net carbs! So long as we select the specific brand it's normally OK :-))
  • Ive got my diary set up at 1400 cals, 70% fat, 25% protein and 5% carbs - thats works out to 18g of carbs per day. I dont particulary watch the calories but I tend to fall around there. Im happy so long as my carbs for the day are less than 40g but aim for 20g (ish). Fat upping ideas: add a glug of double (heavy) cream to…
  • I'm 5'9" and 147lbs, my UK12 clothes are just starting to feel a little more roomy...yay!!
  • Buy them whole - it's so fiddley taking the shells off that you're likely to eat less (I would have thought). How many are you actually eating anyways? I've just had a look at my bag of unsalted/roasted and there's nil sodium listed :-)) To be honest, I've not seen 'flavoured' ones before lol!
  • Hello! I'm a low-carber too :-))
  • Delilah is on her second blow of the year <sigh>
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  • Off to AyaCon in August. Cosplaying Sindragosa from WoW - gonna be my own interpretation so I can really have some fun :-D Also busting out some MLP:FiM Applejack along with some friends. Anyone else in the UK??
  • Omg...YES!! Once I'd got to a certain weight I couldn't sit down properly for months!! Even sitting on a nice squishy sofa was uncomfortable - my work chair gained a very tactically positioned cushion lol!! It was almost impossible to sit on a hard bench :-(( Some good news does get better and I've lost more…