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  • Our lodger is like that, but replace the bowling with D&D, WoW and other similar stuff! And fortunately not a porn addict Just an untidy lazy git who keeps asking to borrow money off me and my GF
  • South London, UK (Home) to the Bahamas! Best holiday (aka Vacation!) ever :)
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  • When I used to have bright pink spiky hair I got told a few times I looked like Kelly Osbourne - that's about it though! Now I look a bit like Rosie O'Donnell apparently!
  • I'm addicted to Sims 3 and Crunchy Cheetos We have a brilliant shop where I live called Stateside Candy which sells groceries/candy etc that has been imported from the US and amongst those are Cheetos! (which I first had in Florida in '95!)
  • Voice over artist - I just love doing silly voices, accents, impressions If I could answer the phone at work in a different voice every time and get away with it, then I would Apparently it's not professional. Maybe I'll see if they let me do it for our next charity fundraiser! :D
  • Possibly, only time will tell I guess I know of at least two girls who are tomboys and I suspect are actually in the closet, but maybe they'll prove me wrong, or one day they will eventually come out. I left the closet at 19 and glad I did :)
  • I think I have an equal balance of male and female friends, but tend to have more in common with the men and my lezzie friends, for obvious reasons, lol I love my bestest friend ever to bit, she is a girly girl, but when we actually meet up for a catch-up we talk about random us stuff and have lots of in jokes anyway - if…
  • Eating a bowl of nommy Hazlenut Krave
  • I used to be a Tomboy, but now I'm a fully grown lesbian! Don't know if that helps or not, but I am definitely NOT a girly girl Find it hard to have conversations with my female colleagues at work because all they talk about is men, hair, nails, shoes, bags, shopping - none of which I am into! So I guess I understand where…
  • Boyzone 4 x (back when I was a teenager) P!nk 3 x (she's amazing live) 5ive (at G.A.Y., Richie and Jay stage-dived into a sea of hungry young gay men, very brave!) Marianne Faithfull (a legend) Anastasia (fabulously powerful) Alice Cooper (possibly one of the most entertaining gigs ever) Looking forward to seeing Kelly…
  • LOVING GoT! Just started Season 2 and yes, I really do want to give Joffrey the biggest back hander ever!
  • To feel happier in my own body and get my old cheeky confidence back!
  • I get it quite a lot sadly - mostly because people round where I live are a bunch of impatient wazzocks who have to be everywhere at the speed of light. I constantly get people cutting me up on main roads, driving right up my *kitten*, or over-taking me on blind corners! It amazes me how stupid some people can be I keep to…
  • Mistletoe
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  • MsNewBooty - the almost full body one of you in front of mirror but facing the camera is rather beautiful - love your tattoos :)
  • I've had a kangaroo burger I liked it, but I don't think it liked me :( Or it was the weird sauce that was on it Texture was like chicken
  • I have 6 in total (or 11 if you count my Pride Yin/Yangs as individual ones) Still trying to save up for my 7th - my friend has had it ready and designed for me for ages but I've not had the money or the time :(
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  • Chip butties - chips (fries in the USA) in bread is just wrong! Ew! I get told often that I'm not a true Brit because of this I also don't like Bacon - so when I see these Meme pictures of chocolate covered bacon, or bacon sundaes it physically makes me heave! *shuddering at the thought of it*
  • I have stretch marks, covered in moles and covered in scars from mosquito bites that I can't help but scratch to the point they bleed :( To my mum I'm gross because I have tattoos on my forearms and the calves of my legs.
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  • I can't partake in this thread because when I was at high school (secondary as it's called in the UK) they didn't start having the prom until about 2 years after my year left :frown: I can assure you though that I would have been in tux 'n' tails - no dresses for me!
  • Anything Penguin-y (I even bought me a penguin onesie the other day) Stationery (mostly coloured pens)
  • Oh cool, fairy muff :) I'm a Brit and only ever seen the really orangey crunchy ones (my faves!)
  • False, TNP has a tongue piercing
  • That is a rather phallic Cheeto, but yes, where is it's orangey-ness?! :huh:
  • We live in the flat above this butcher shop It's small but cosy And as we're good tenants and pay the rent either on time or early, we occasionally get a good deal on fillet steak!
  • Only a minor annoyance, not really her fault that she is ill, but our receptionist has been off sick for nearly a month now which means me and the other admin girl have to take it in shifts to cover the reception, which means my usual work (of which there is volumes) just constantly piles up on my desk. So I'll be glad…
  • *virtual hi-5* I was going to make that joke, you beat me to it! Also saved me finding a picture of a 6 pack and posting it! :laugh:
  • "Do you wanna touch me there? Where? There.... Yeah!"