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  • I'm a great believer of everything in moderation, unless you have an addiction to it and it's taking up too much of your calorie allowance. A few units of alcohol a week won't slow progress.
  • Hi, I lost 145lbs with MFP 5 years ago and regained about 2/3 after a cancer scare and underactive thyroid diagnosis and treatment, and some turbulance in my personal life. Back strong on it now and have lost 12lbs since 12th April. Add me if you want a friend who logs daily, good and bad.
  • Sounds like you need new scales or to replace the batteries. Should show the same weight however many times you step on or off if it's within the same few minutes.
  • I don't think the C25K app loads to any of them but might be wrong. The Versa allows you to upload music to the watch though so I guess you "might" be able to upload C25K if its available as audio files? Someone more techy here might be able to advise.
  • I have had FitBits for around 6 years now. My current FitBit Charge 2 has been the best so far but I've just ordered a FitBit Versa in a Black Friday sale because I won't have to take it off for the pool. If you run as your main activity you may want one with built in GPS though, Garmin for instance, but I tried one and…
  • Tinned sardines are very cheap and high protein. I eat soup a lot and generally prefer cooked veg to raw, all fairly cheap. Tinned beans are good too.
  • Where is giving up going to get you? Apart from 5lbs back on, plus more. 1200 calories a day is too low and is making you feel deprived. A more realistic calorie goal will mean you can still have some of what you enjoy and you'll still lose.
  • Its the only thing that helped me rebuild my extremely low ferritin stores. I was passing out on public transport and getting to the point where I was worried about going anywhere on my own. Try it. I didn't lose my periods entirely but they no longer rule my life or ruin my holidays. Give it a go!
  • I lost 145 and re-found about 55 of them after being diagnosed with an underactive thyroid but on the way back down again now - slower than I'd like - but I'm determined. Never give up!
  • If you didn't have a drink problem would you still have a weight problem do you think or is it the alcohol calories that have caused the gain? Dieting may just be a way of trying to gain some control over a part of your life, but beating the addiction would serve you better as you'll never cram enough nutrition into your…
  • It may weigh lighter so stick to the packet as the calories per hydrated gram would stay the same had you not frozen them.
  • Or if making it thicker, weigh whatever you have made and divide by 3 and however much that weighs (it doesn't matter) it's still 109 kcals as it would be with more water.
  • (Your nutritional info showed 9 portions at the bottom - so assume it was a multipack of 3 sachets?)
  • You'd make it as specified, take out your weighed portion and then add more water to it after you'd calorie counted it if you wanted to make it runnier.
  • The whole packet contains 9 x 167g portions of 109kcals each if made up with the amount of water they specify. You only have wet weight calorie counts so the amount of dry powder you have is totally irrelevant. They haven't given you the dry powder calories because nobody consumes it that way.
  • Not once you've added the water it doesn't!! Prepared with water not dry weight.
  • Both are made up weight - neither is dry weight - neither is powder only - just per 100g of made custard or a recommended 167g portion of made custard. They always display per 100g for comparison purposes with other products.
  • Just have icecream - it's easier!
  • Can you just delete the incorrect food entries in FitBit? It can sometimes happen if you have altered your food entry after it's already synced across, but it should really adjust itself. I'll sometimes get a similar problem when I add an exercise session to MFP and it doesn't immediately overwrite the step adjustment so…
  • Hello. I've sent you a link to my Fitbit page if you'd like to add me as a friend for challenges.
  • I'm disappointed that they are comparing fat & fit vs normal weight. Surely the comparison should be fat & fit vs fat & unfit (non-exercisers). I've been doing several classes a week for 5 years now and have more stamina than a lot of the slim girls but do appreciate being heavy is putting more strain in my body overall…
  • Remember the sync assumes you'll continue to burn at that rate for the rest of the day so adjusts down when you become sedentary giving you the accurate additional calories at the end of the day, around midnight rather than when you synced.
  • I liked the Blaze until I saw how big it was. Went for the Charge 2 in the end (I've had the Ultra, One and Charge HR before it) and can heartily recommend it if you want something more discreet.
  • Having lost 140lbs myself (regained a few due to illness but heading back there again now) I'd say a year is definitely too tight a timescale. You'll feel healthier doing it more slowly and the time passing helps you to adjust to new portion sizes and a new way of eating/exercising. Doesn't sound like you needed to ramp up…
  • I'm on 1240 plus exercise calories at the moment, and it's tough. You risk not getting everything you need if you drop further, better to lose slower than leave yourself deficient.
  • Nottingham here.
  • You'll find your adjustment goes up and down across the day too, but will soon get a feel for how it works. You can log workouts from FitBit here but be careful to enter the times so it overwrites the correct period of time on FitBit