Cutting alcohol was a gamechanger for me


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    The average modern wineglass holds 120 ml; that's 101 calories of red wine. If I open a bottle and have a glass it's never just one either, so I don't bother, preferring to spend my calories on a nice snack. Obviously there is also the risk of lowered inhibitions leading to snacking. And, research shows neurons in the front of the brain that deal with hunger are activated during intoxication. So, I'll save the champagne for when I hit my target weight, and as that's still another 20lb, it will be at least next week... ;)
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    Haven't had alcohol in 35 years. When asked what is the worst thing we can consume, a consortium of aging experts all answered at once: alcohol. :D I am looking at 60 and I still want to exercise as hard as I can and to keep my faculties for as long as I can. I am not sorry I made that choice.
    Its working for you! You look much younger in your profile pic
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    Not only did you improve your health (beyond weight loss), but think of all of the drinking snacks that you skipped, too.