Inexpensive Food for Weightloss

Hey there!

I want to improve the contents of what I put in my body, but I'm on a budget.

For some backstory; I lost 35 lbs on a 1200-1400 calorie budget over the course of a year. At the beginning of October, I hit a plateau and haven't budged since.

Here's what has changed:
I started working out in October (I know this causes temporary weight gain)
I started drinking when I turned 21 -- I know that I need to cut back on this!
I'm COLD all the time and HUNGRY all the time -- a combination that leads me to want to opt for warm pizza and hot soup instead of colder, healthier options.

Can anyone recommend some snacks geared toward weight loss that hopefully will help me feel full? I'm on an incredibly tight budget (college kid), so inexpensive options would be much appreciated!