Alcohol problem and dieting



  • WaterBunnie
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    If you didn't have a drink problem would you still have a weight problem do you think or is it the alcohol calories that have caused the gain? Dieting may just be a way of trying to gain some control over a part of your life, but beating the addiction would serve you better as you'll never cram enough nutrition into your deficit calories if you're using a lot of them for alcohol. You're young, get some help now before you lose decades to it. Good luck x
  • Courtscan2
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    You've already got lots of people telling you to seek out help for addiction, which is good, and definitely worth doing. If your drinking is problematic, tips on how to drink more and eat less aren't going to do you any favours in the long (or even not so long) term. Your health will be far more impacted by the excess drinking than by being a bit overweight. I love a glass of wine (or 3) once in a while, but if you are worried about your relationship with alcohol, deal with it while you are young and it is still relatively easy - this isn't something that will be easier to change as you grow older.