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  • wait are you serious?? what part of chemical imbalance in the brain do you not understand?? to the OP: i have depression and anxiety. I understand that it can be rough!! i wish you the best and hope you are able to tune out the bull and focus on your goal! feel free to add me!
  • it depends on which mirror lol in my bathroom the lighting is too bright and i can see every pore on my face ew so it more like OCD kicks in to make sure my face and teeth are super clean. in my full length mirror i just try to do glances so i wont get to critical... i think "wait does this match" mostly lol since i've…
  • Whatever's on sale lol the boyfriend disagrees but he'd probably eat anything resembling bacon
  • ok i'm glad that's a thing! i just discovered i had one there recently and was trying to figure out if it was normal or if my butt was too big lol
  • haha singing that in my head now! I've always wondered about getting a boob job... i have non-cancerous cysts on my right side which leaves my a little lopsided if you look close enough... def going to research it more now! let us know what you find out! I would fully support a blog chronicling your experience!
  • lol too many numbers for me!! i just go one day at a time or i get overwhelmed. and if i have a bad day one day i can start fresh the next day.
  • eeek! so cuuuute! squealed aloud when i saw this! please lets have a group where we can post adorable cat fitspo lol
  • niceness! when i see a girl or guy take time to make eye contact and smile at people or say hello its major bonus points! i work in the food industry so its nice when people take time to acknowledge you as a human being and not a food dispensing machine lol i automatically feel in a better mood and want to know more about…
  • pictures of my younger siblings (they believe i can do anything and they keep me motivated!) work schedule , old cards from my grandma and the 8 parts of patanjali's yoga sutra. the benefit of living alone is that i control what food is in the fridge! so i worry more about impulse chocolate bar buys at the store than my…
  • ah i feel so behind!! i was sick for the past couple days but started back on L3D2!
  • L3D1 done... barely lol it was fun tho!
  • Worst advice: a general dr upon seeing me for the first time ever: "Oh you have depression? Well you'll be fine, you are young and have a good life." i wanted to be like "thank god, i'm cured!" and run out but i was too dumbfounded and just stared. Best Advice: from my therapist "just because you didn't punch him and…
  • L2D11 done lol still struggling but should probably move on? i can bump it back down if i need to.
  • L2D9 & 10 complete! i forgot to check in yesterday. not ready for level 3 yet so i'm going to do level 2 for a few more days. at least 3.
  • L2D8 done! i'm noticing more definition in my thighs above my knees... took a rest day yesterday and was able to push through more of the tougher moves. at one point my bf heard me whimpering and panting from the next room and he ran into encourage me! he got right down with me and said things like "you can do it babe!"…
  • L2 D7 done! after buying new gym and running shoes i was way more motivated to work out! i've been eating really well today too so i feel great! much better than yesterday! took a peek at level three.... and it is terrorfying!! some of the workouts from previous levels are just in the warmups!! i got through the first =5…
  • L2D6 completed... kinda... felling so crappy today. i did it without weights and took so many breaks i don't even want to count it :/ feeling discouraged but i'll try again tomorrow.
  • L2D5 complete! and my encouraging bf pointed out that i'm already halfway through the whole thing :) stay strong everyone!!
  • L2D4 done :) ready for a cold shower then homework... wish i had time for yoga...
  • so sleepy after finishing L2D3 lol probably need more protein... thinking about doing 6 pack in 6 weeks after this... can we do a group for that too?? there's n o way i'd have gotten this far without the wonderful accountability here :)
  • 107?!? no waaaay... is that healthy?? what?? hmmm i just don't see how i could have muscle and be that light... 115 is the UGW for now. 120 is the realistic goal. 107??? nahhh
  • L2D2 done! she loves those stupid planks and so much cardio!! every time she says that thing about gurgling your heart i have to stop for a beat because i feel nauseous ew lol felt it more on the abs today too...
  • L2D1! that was fun! worried because my abs aren't as sore as they were at the end of level 1... maybe adding some crunches in there at the end?? def sweated more and my shoulders have that nice burn :) can't wait to conquer this one and move on to level 3!!!
  • I LOVE IT!!!! thanks so much!!!!
  • oops! L1D10 completed yesterday :) I started level 2 and it is crazzzzy! can't wait til i master it on L2D10!
  • start a group thread! find people to start on the same day and check in with them every day right after you do it! I'm on D10L1 and i've already lost an inch off my waist! i can't wait to see results! check out some before and after pics! (especially in some threads on MFP) i hate it in the middle of it and want to quit…
  • L1D9 done! the inside of my calves are hurting... maybe i need better arch support in my shoes?? anyone know any good stretches that will help relax that area?
  • L1D8 done :) hopefully i'll get to do some yoga later! only 2 more days on level one and i do not feel ready! yikes! i guess thats what its all about tho, pushing yourself to be the best!
  • this is such exciting news for me!!! I'm on day 7 and starting to get tired of Jillian lol thanks for the motivation!!
  • L1D7 done!! on one butt kick i landed weird and rolled my ankle and i panicked for a minute! my first thought was "nooooo i have 23 more days!!!" lol thankfully its ok and i was able to finish the workout strong!