the HARRY POTTER workout



  • jroja021
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  • jrhstarlight
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    Ridiculously cute, must try :D thanks for sharing!
  • microwoman999
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    I LOVE THIS!! I am seriously going to my friends house to watch Harry Potter tonight! LMAO! I am pulling this out!
  • This is awesome! It's just too bad I finally finished rewatching them all last week.
  • Livingbalanced
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    Oh my, no more watching HP before I go to bed or I'd never get to sleep! lol Love it though ;)
  • great idea, but I would be afraid of watching it with others and they would be like "WTF?"
  • LiteBrite007
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    WOW!!! I'd die!
  • Fab_Tab
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    I think this might singly handedly eliminate my need for any sort of gym membership! All the fun of drinking game, but healthy. I love it! This totally made my day.
  • srp2011
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    How fun - the movies are on my to watch list - will try this when I watch them :-)
  • curvykatie
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    Love it! xxx
  • haha this is the best exercise strategy every!!
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    I absolutely love this!!! Finally something useful coming out of my love for those films! :)
  • donyellemoniquex3
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  • I heart you.
  • vjrose
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    Totally awesome and makes me think a few drinking games could be converted :drinker:
  • brittigno
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    Harry Potter's on right now. O__O
    I think my grandpa would think I'm crazy for doing this, though lol
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    This is so great!!! Love it!
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    I. LOVE. THIS!
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    too cute..bump!
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    I LOVE IT!!!! thanks so much!!!!