College students and 20-somethings :)



  • ohjoy908
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    For teh kitties!

    eeek! so cuuuute! squealed aloud when i saw this! please lets have a group where we can post adorable cat fitspo lol
  • thejulesmarie
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    I'm 21 and a double major of secondary education and history! New to all of this, but add me if you'd like! :)
  • austindog2
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    I'm going to be a senior in college, add me! :)
  • Meg_85
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    I just finished my masters degree 3 weeks ago and am starting a full time job in a week or so. I lost 33lbs in my last year of school through this site though so it's really possible if you put your mind to it. I am still a 20 something though.

    Any and all can friend me as I'm just getting back on track to lose my last 10lbs. :-)

  • AMM160981
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    I am 24 and have a child (my cat) named Buddy. I graduated in 2010 but am looking for support from people my own age. I have the exercise down but I cannot get my eating controlled. Obviously at work its a heck of a lot easier but the weekends...drinking and eating fest. Any advice?
  • iwantahealthierme13
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    29 here, not a student though. Feel free to add. :)
  • I'm 19, and going to be a sophomore economics major (math and social science, yeah!) I'm taking two classes over the summer because I am a nerd like that!

    I'm also working on applications to transfer to university for fall '13. I really prefer studying to working out, so I'm just going to say flat-out that I'll be counting calories and not doing much cardio. :laugh:

    Also, dogs rule. But cat lovers can add me anyway!
  • nluera07
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    23 year old nursing student! My daughter has a 1 yr old cat named tiger :-) also looking for others around my age!
  • spaingirl2011
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    I'm an (upper)twenty-something! Feel free to add me!
  • Asharee011
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    College kid, right here! 19 going on 20:)
  • directorj
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    Turning 25 this year, add me
  • GetFitE
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    I'm 25, graduated from college with a Biology degree and work in a hospital... and sometimes I feel like I work with
  • 19 year old college football player. Psych major. Work out 10 hours a week in the gym and another 4 running. On a strict football diet. Add me if you want!
  • havesomejoe
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    24, graduated in August of last year. Add me if you'd like.
  • travellernikki
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    Cats all the way haha!

    Feel free to add me :)
  • DaBossLady24
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    Feel free to add me!

    Just graduated last year and working a desk job as of now... but I'm super active! Oh, and I'm 22, btw! :drinker:
  • mijo32002
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    I'm 26, so add me soon, cuz I'm over the hump..... :(
  • SunburNDA
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    Well, since it's for science...

    I am 20 years old, studying digital media. At my highest weight I was 222 lbs., and I am currently down to 176. I've already accomplished a lot, but there is still more to go, so feel free to send me a friend request!
  • feel free to add me :) i'm 25, and study online (hope that counts) and would do anything for cats. haha
  • EngineerPrincess
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    20 year old engineering major who adores cats right here! ^_^ Just turned 20, I nearly typed 19 haha...
    My weekly exercise consists of walking to class, standing up at my lab job, and days my friends drag me into a casual soccer game/to the gym.