In the mirror, what do you usually think/tell yourself?



  • BADGIRLstl
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    Its normally not good thoughts.
  • yoovie
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    I have broken blood vessels all over my thighs from getting spanked with the belt really hard when I was little. There will never be smooth and creamy and beautiful skin there. Im covered with stretch marks that crisscross all around me because I gained all 100 pounds in the five months after my car accident. I have freckles everywhere the sun shines. My boobs arent awesome as they used to be, I sacrificed them for a smaller waist and greater energy and strength. My shoulders and my legs have amazing muscles and that is so beautiful to me. My stomach is flat compared to how it once was, overlapping my jeans or tucked into them. I can see my sternum and my collarbones without having to hunch over or twist a certain way, hell they pop out when I lay flat on my back.

    sometimes I stare at myself naked in the mirror and I cry because i dont know how anyone could ever bear to touch me.
    sometimes I stare at myself in the mirror and you couldnt pay me to put clothes on.

    sometimes both of these happen in the same day.
  • ohjoy908
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    it depends on which mirror lol in my bathroom the lighting is too bright and i can see every pore on my face ew so it more like OCD kicks in to make sure my face and teeth are super clean. in my full length mirror i just try to do glances so i wont get to critical... i think "wait does this match" mostly lol since i've been eating better and working out i feel better than i look so i try to focus on that.
  • janemartin02
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    I look at how far Ive come.I have hanging flesh on my arms and my belly isn`t pretty,but i`m down 130 lbs and that is awesome.
  • lizziebeth1028
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    My god!!!!...who is that old woman staring back at me:noway: first I usually notice how much I have aged over the years but then I take a deep breath and remind myself that I'm almost 54 years old. I still work out...A LOT. Sometimes in beast mode! I can run (somewhat), do squats, lunges, jumping jacks, burpees (ughhhh dislike), a push up or two, crazy things in yoga class, kickboxing, lots and lots ab work, walk for miles and even that crazy pull up machine at the gym (once again dislike). So all in all I'm pretty happy with myself and how I look!!!!!!!!!
  • whitehandlady
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    CRUEL THINGS that i would never say to another living thing....nor even think of toward anyone but myself:ohwell:

    .......but i'm working on it
  • anubis609
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    I'd do me.
  • BlueInkDot
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    Nowadays it's something along the lines of...

    "Woo! Look at THAT! Haha, that's pretty nice - oh wait, no... nope there's my fat... well... it was nice while it lasted..."

    I try not to look in the mirror much. The only thing about the mirror that REALLY takes my breath away are my eyes. I love my eyes. ^_^
  • omegadrh
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    I've liked some progress I can see in the mirror, but I still get really down on myself for things I don't like. When I flex my arms and tighten my abs, I'm somewhat pleased, but then I pinch the remaining fat on my stomach and get pissed, and then relax my muscles and simultaneously feel skinny (in a bad way--arms, chest) and fat (protruding and/or bloated stomach).

    That said, I'm moderately good at using those thoughts for motivation to be better about working out and getting close to my daily calorie goals.

    I still can't really imagine looking in the mirror and just thinking "wow, that's perfect," though. Right now I'm focusing on problems I should be able to fix, but when I look in the mirror long enough, I move on to things I dislike that are out of my control :(.
  • lilbitsc89
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    Damn id be hot if I lost my belly. Im generally positive except for my belly :P

    Me too!
  • 10acity
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    I have my days when it's "What is this outfit? Ugh!" or "Seriously with the hair today? but most of the time it's something more like "Hey, pretty blue eyes!" or "who wouldn't want to kiss these lips?"

    Actually, what went through my head while looking in the mirror was one of the indicators that my weight was getting quite out of control again and I needed to do something about it. I have a lot of work to do, but the fact that I'm actually doing it now has turned the self-talk back to mostly positive. I'm a confident woman.
  • ickybella
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    "How you doin'?" and then I put on my glasses and everything goes wrong. Oh wait, why am I naked in this scenario? Clothes on = "Sexay beast." Clothes off = "Who let Dali paint my body?!" :O
  • mstawnya
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    I have 3 daughters 7, 5, and 2 who often hang out in my bathroom with me. I always make it a point to say, "I am wonderful!" or "I look good!" :) They ask a lot of questions like, "Why do you have those lines on your breasts?" or "How come your booty is bigger than mine?" Those are always fun to field. :)
  • StaceyL76
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    Art in progress..
  • hesn92
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    Depends how I look that day. On a good day it's "damn, I look good." on a bad day it's "ew I look ugly." I'm glad to say that it's usually the first of those.
  • For me it's usually something about my thighs/hips. Like "ok, you are big, but you are on your way to look killer"

    Me too. Call me Thighs of Thor!
  • Flugangst
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    "Not bad, but you can do better."
  • robot_potato
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    Lately, it's been 'hello, gorgeous!'