Having Trouble Keeping With 30DS? Motivation, please?

I really need to keep up with the shred (today was day 4/30), but I'm having a tough time getting motivated to get up and do it. Once I start I'm fine, but before that I just want to be lazy. How can I make sure I do it every day?


  • annie7112
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    you can do anything you put your mind to.
  • ohjoy908
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    start a group thread! find people to start on the same day and check in with them every day right after you do it! I'm on D10L1 and i've already lost an inch off my waist! i can't wait to see results! check out some before and after pics! (especially in some threads on MFP) i hate it in the middle of it and want to quit but i know how good i'll feel and look at the end of the month and i can't wait! haha i actually just realized that i've been using exclamation points but i'm so excited for you i don't care lol i can't wait to see your before and after photos :)