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  • Hi everyone ! So, I have a question. I have searched the forums and online and have seen it both ways. Here's the story.. I bought those Atkins Endulge as I was really craving something sweet. On the box it says 1g net carbs. On the tracker it goes in as much more. So should I be counting net carbs or just as they are on…
  • Hi there. My protein goal is 133. I used the calculator I found in a facebook group. It is 22 g carbs 133 protein and 100+ fat I am struggling to eat much more than 1000 cals a day and even then it is more likely to be 800. I started back here to MFP so I could keep a better track on things.
  • Hi everyone ! I am new to the group and new to Keto. Hoping that finally I have fond a way of eating that I can stick with. I am enjoying it thus far and my only problem is... getting enough fat and protein. Do any of you folks have tips for or do you have to use supplements for that?
  • I just started Keto last week. I would love some of you folks to add me so maybe we can travel this path together.
  • Yes, go get 'em tiger :P hehe Glad you are one of my buddies here! xoxo
  • I was just about to go there! My 3 year old is on the spectrum and i work with children with Autism every day. So I have to agree with everything you just said!
  • It is all about respect, Respect for each other as human beings regardless of age, race, size, belief etc etc, No-one should be shamed. We should try to encourage positivity and support, and yes sometimes a little bit of tough love. Which you can still do respectfully!
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  • Seems like you already know your answer ;) Let us know how it goes for you! :)
  • Hello ! I am from N Ire too but currently live in Florida! Sending you a friend request! :)
  • Gina your story is truly touching. I know you have always been into your sports in one way or another. Jees I remember as a child my goal was to beat you in the sprints LOL Never ever achieved that! You were wayyyy too fast for me! Reading your story again has brought it home to me the importance of listening to what my…
  • Same problem!! Sorry I do not have a solution!! Even with grips they slide off!!
  • There are some great reviews on youtube about these programs that compare and contrast the programs and give you alot of helpful info. It really does boil down to what you can be consistent with. if you do not like the workout then chances are you wouldn't complete it. I would really recommend looking at those reviews.…
  • I don't think there is a magical one size fits all answer to this. I think the most important thing is to never give up until you find what works for you. Many people get disheartened, but something will eventually kick in, it is just a matter of having patience and taking the baby steps, knowing that slow progress, even…
  • I was that way too. It takes time to form a habit. I decided that I would get up in the morning and DO IT whether I wanted to or not. I swear once you start you will feel better. Choose something that you can do and will make you feel accomplished. For me it was a 25 minute workout a day so I couldn't find the excuses. Do…
  • It really is a habit and for some of us, me included they take a long time to form. After 2 years of ups and downs I am only finally seeing results in the last 8 weeks, but it is enough to motivate me to keep going. For me, logging in every day and logging my food choices good or bad, helped alot, even if at times I was…
  • 41 and taking inspiration that so many of you are doing it and have lost the weight. I have been struggling for the past 2 years and only really got serious about 2 months ago. Takes the mind to be in the right place I think! Feel free to add anyone who would like!
  • We use a codeword too ;)
  • In Fl too, the one I want to hacksaw off the most is the one I saw on a smart car... oh the irony... I am sure it was intentional, but still lol
  • Now seriously there is a difference in having a few stick people on the back of your car and having your children's names plastered all over for the world to see.... I include on clothing items , headbands, bookbags, bike license plates etc. Those are indeed giving away way too much info about the child/children.
  • To each their own, I have these on the back of my car. Anybody effs with us we will bite your arm off, then you will be part of the "family" ... just sayin... :P
  • So happy to see you back., and hopefully over all the health issues. You are still an inspiration no matter what. Look at you back again firstly and determined as ever. Fall seven times stand up eight. xoxoxo
  • Just a personal opinion here, the only time I would feel anything is if someone heckled at me when I am attempting my joggle (that' s a jog with a struggle) smiles, hi's whatever are welcome. I do not think it is condescending really, but maybe open up a conversation first and get to know the person a little before going…
  • Looked into it, as soon as she mentioned 700 cals a day I thought Hell no, get me out of here. I did some research after that (yes should have done it before) But there doesn't seem to be any real research showing any effectiveness. Anyone who eats 700 cals a day is going to lose weight, how can they attribute it to the…
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  • I am bumping this because I have met some amazing folks through this thread :) :flowerforyou: Shame if people missed out on them!
  • "wtf, why are you always late??" lmao I was having a tough day with the kids and my hubby left work 15 mins late haha
  • Why yes they do, we ALL do and anyone who says otherwise must be holding them in, better let them go ladies before you implode! And, if it is a good one, don't forget to claim it!! haha