Continuing my journey

I have been struggling for years now. I have been a member of MFP for 3-4 years (I created a new profile as a way to start over). The first year I lost 65lbs, the second year I lost another 17 then I started gaining weight again by the third year. I am currently 73 lbs from my goal weight. I use to be on mfp 2-3 times a day and now I maybe check it out every few months and I stopped logging my calories. This last week I have been a lot more active.

I have always eaten a 1600-2000 calorie diet. -other than the last year which was probably 3k+- I don't believe in eating anything below that because if I cant maintain the same choices for the rest of my life then don't do them now. I used to exercise 6 days a week 2-3 hours a day burning 1000-1500 HRM calories each session.

I had so many roadblocks the last few years. Most being fairly serious medical issues or depression. I felt like they were excuses but they literally made me incapable of working out. Like my ear canal collapsed because from a combo of severe dehydration and long flights on a trip to Vegas that left me in bed for 6-7 months because I couldn't stand without feeling like I was going to pass out and had major pain if I exerted myself. A woman issue that made it so I couldn't walk for 2 months, again...then I am a golden retriever breeder and for like 2 months I was getting up at 4am-6 am and so exhausted from lac of sleep I fell down stairs, outside and in my kitchen 7 times in 6 weeks...yup LOL. it was nuts.

So finally after all that I found that I have time to focus on me!!!! Things are getting back to normal! I feel good (other than being fat again and not having the endurance I used to). I feel like i want to get healthy again. My husband and I are in a good place financially and relationship wise (which the relationship has never been a problem anyhow). We will be moving to Texas by September 2015. Life is going as planned again! I want to be at my goal weight by the time I get down there. Especially because if we decide to buy a house we might get one with a pool. I also have friends that live there that will be coming to visit and swim...They still think I'm fit and I don't want to show them that I fell off the wagon even though they would still love me :) I have inspired them to work out and get healthy so yeah, it wouldn't be good.

I'm really hoping that I can stick with this and be as motivated as I was that first year.


  • xLexa
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    So happy to see you back., and hopefully over all the health issues. You are still an inspiration no matter what. Look at you back again firstly and determined as ever. Fall seven times stand up eight. xoxoxo