Hi From Northern Ireland!!

This is my first serious attempt of losing weight! Want to be able to go swimming etc with my kids that I just wouldnt dare do now! Today is my first day and doing really well, hoping that I stay strong in the days to come!

I have a huge amount of weight to lose! If your like me then please feel free to add me :)


  • xLexa
    xLexa Posts: 482 Member
    Hello ! I am from N Ire too but currently live in Florida! Sending you a friend request! :)
  • carfanman
    carfanman Posts: 271 Member
    welcome to MFP
  • Smirnoff65
    Smirnoff65 Posts: 1,060 Member
    Hi I'm also from N. Ireland, been doing well on here, if you need any help feel free to add me as a friend. Good luck with your weight loss. :drinker:
  • judeveg
    judeveg Posts: 22 Member
    Welcome, I'm in England and have about 8 stone/112 pounds to lose now but taking it a pound at a time.
  • jpikey66
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    Hi been on here since January, log in daily and my diary is open. Anyone feel free to add me ????????
  • WisteriaLady
    WisteriaLady Posts: 28 Member
    Thanks for the warm welcome. Today I did a nice healthy shop and purchased a good set of digital scales (cant fool myself then). Havent drank coke in 2 days and dont miss it!