Want random active friends? join here



  • SConnolly686
    SConnolly686 Posts: 5 Member
    Anyone can add me, I'm fairly new and looking for some support and advice on this whole fitness thing.
  • Melamuse
    Melamuse Posts: 3 Member
    Would love some friends for mutual support! :) New here so trying to get the ball rolling!
  • NowIFeelYa
    NowIFeelYa Posts: 76 Member
    31 day streak accepting all friend requests and I try to like/comment on all positive statutes.
  • Tifftiff321
    Looking for friends I currently have 0 anyone can add me! I need encouragement and to be able to see someone else working on eating better and losing weight would be awesome! Thanks :)
  • jennucci81
    jennucci81 Posts: 12 Member
    Anyone can feel free to add me!
    I LOVE motivated people and getting to know others!
  • PennyJB63
    PennyJB63 Posts: 21 Member
    brand new here and need friends, feel free to add me.
  • lookin4gains
    lookin4gains Posts: 1,761 Member
    Hello everyone. I'm fairly new to this site. Been on it for about a month and enjoy it. I'm a very active user and enjoy the few friends I've met on their journey to a more healthy lifestyle. Feel free to add me and we can help motivate each other! :)
  • xLexa
    xLexa Posts: 482 Member
    I am bumping this because I have met some amazing folks through this thread :):flowerforyou: Shame if people missed out on them!
  • hopper602
    hopper602 Posts: 204 Member
    add me up im down 28lbs since Feb and putting in lots of hard work
  • alliejo143
    alliejo143 Posts: 7 Member
    I have a desk job and am on here quite often so anyone who wants to add me, feel free!
  • Feebarella
    Feebarella Posts: 23 Member
    The more the merrier, I say. Feel free to add me, im here daily
  • AmZam05
    AmZam05 Posts: 130 Member
    Hey guys, I just joined the other day and am looking for friends to help motivate me and that I can help cheer on with their goals! Anyone feel free to add me!

  • kejaco
    kejaco Posts: 11 Member
    I'm active on here as well. Feel free to add.
  • noboii
    noboii Posts: 1 Member
    Looking for friends to add for encouragement and such.

    Add me could use the motorvation cheers to all
  • smbecht78
    smbecht78 Posts: 12 Member
    I'm looking for new active friends as well! Motivators are key!

    Anyone add me, I'm on everyday! It's my new addiction! :)

  • andreamaym
    andreamaym Posts: 179 Member
    I'm here to lose 5 lbs and to live a healthier lifestyle - feel free to add me! I always need motivators to keep me away from candy and to encourage me to exercise regularly! ;D
  • Captain_Wobbles
    Captain_Wobbles Posts: 240 Member
    C...can I haz random friends too?
  • MrsG1013
    MrsG1013 Posts: 3
    I definitely need all the support and encouragement I can get. Friend me!
  • dchief30
    dchief30 Posts: 129 Member
    anybody can add me im always on here
  • theseus82
    theseus82 Posts: 255 Member
    anyone is free to add me. I'm more involved in the News Feeds but am starting to get more involved with the community forums.

    starting weight: 318 lbs
    current weight: 186
    goal weight - 162 - 167 lbs