I can't get my DA** motivation back!!!!!

I am beyond annoyed. In 2011 I set out to lose my long over due baby weight. My last child (I only have two) was in 2010. So I went 1200 calories, mostly healthy... walked just 30 minutes everyday and did a really basic 10 minute kardio kick boxing... lost 16 lbs in nearly 3 months.... (ALMOST GOT DIVORCED) and gained about 5lbs back no big deal.

Started T25 in 2013 at 143lbs-144lbs and leaned out a lot.. got down to 142lbs but knew I'd lost fat and gained muscle and toned. For the first time I tried on an outfit and just loved it, didnt have to change, or adjust, suck in, flatten out.. do anything felt good!!!!!!

I don't know what happened (a lot going on in my personal life, horrible boss who tried to ruin my career, taking care of my 72 old grandmother, husband losing job, son starting kindergarten, etc etc etc... gained 12lbs in 45 days. Not sure how? Tried again the last few months...

I CANT GET BACK INTO THE HANG OF IT. I binge... constantly... when I am mad or sad or frustrated I grab food. Chinese, Mongolian etc HELP!


  • MissFlab2Fab2014
    I also tried raw vegan as I am not a huge meat eater, and it failed. I not only became extremely carnivorous... craving meats... it made me binge, and I was not full... even on 2-3000 calories a day of fruits and veggies.
  • meshashesha2012
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    it's a habit. i'm also struggling with that as well.

    my plan is to just force myself to do it for the next 4 weeks, no exceptions. plan your menu, go to the grocery store, prepare your food . then put yourself on a cash only budget, hide your bank card or transfer all your spending cash you'd use on buying binge stuff to another account or paying extra on a bill. then stick with your menu plan.

    it's pretty difficult to purchase stuff wihout any $$ :laugh:

    sorry to hear about your troubles, too.
  • xLexa
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    It really is a habit and for some of us, me included they take a long time to form. After 2 years of ups and downs I am only finally seeing results in the last 8 weeks, but it is enough to motivate me to keep going. For me, logging in every day and logging my food choices good or bad, helped alot, even if at times I was just maintaining. I have even been known to argue with myself about exercise haha I swear Im not crazy. Is 1200 really sustainable if you are working out that much? Have faith in yourself and take baby steps, lots of little baby step = results :)

    Feel free to shoot me a friends request if you need some moral support. Happy to be of help if I can be :flowerforyou: