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  • I used to have severe binge-related thoughts and dreams when I wasn't consuming enough calories. if you're breastfeeding AND running, try upping your calories to 2300+. 1800 is still a deficit for the standard person (who doesn't run or need extra fuel to provide nourishment for a baby). sometimes a dream really IS a wish…
  • then, no. start a healthy diet and exercise program, and the weight will come off when it's ready. be sure to add weight training into your workouts to keep your body looking strong and firm as you shrink down. :) you're worth the wait, I promise.
  • I participate in the 6000 calorie Thanksgiving challenge, every year. I didn't make it, this year, but I thought my goal was pretty "up there." I see from this thread, though, that I'm in the peewee leagues, instead of the big leagues. :D
  • I follow Millionaire Hoy on youtube. He has a LOT of HIIT workouts that aren't boring, and offers modifications if the move is too intense.
  • I add chia seeds to my butternut squash and sweet potato "porridge" for breakfast. It doesn't add flavor, but it does add texture once it absorbs some of the milk and gels up a bit.
  • I'm going on 34 with no kids. feel free to friend me. :)
  • definitely go get fitted at a real running store. just walk in and do it. it's amazing!
  • I have a habit of putting on Fort Minor's "Remember the Name" when I go to concoct my own recipe. gotta get pumped up to think outside the box. ;)
  • I'd add peas and carrots and some mushroom soup and make a casserole-type-thing. possibly with those french onion crunchies on top.
  • QFT. I train hard, so by the end of my "week," I'm STARVING. I'm working on upping my calories again. hoping that I can find a good balance where I'm good through the week and still not "that person" on the weekends. this is a tricky game, we play. ;)
  • you have to edit previous check ins. I think that's under check in on the home screen.
  • I have eaten the gallon of ice cream and 30 burgers. ...and didn't feel any better. and then I feel ever worse for wasting all those calories and it didn't even fix anything. and then I have that feeling of "all that for nothing," and I hold tight to that feeling. and then, when I think a box of oreos might fix…
  • that's the name of my game. I either do 2000 Sun-Thurs/4000 Fri-Sat, or 2100 and 3750, depending on how the weekend goes. the way I see it, I can either have one candy bar or drink a day... or I can have ALL the candies/drinks on the weekend. ;)
  • I'm adjusting to the office environment. I now split the treats with other coworkers; half a piece of cake/donut/cookie tastes just as great as a full one. I try to save about 100 calories a day for extra snacks; if it doesn't get used at work, it goes towards upgrading my dessert. ;) packing my own foods to eat throughout…
  • habit will always be there when motivation isn't. build a routine and stick with it. :)
  • figuring out what YOUR actual TDEE is is going to be tricky, but worth it. start here: http://scoobysworkshop.com/calorie-calculator/ based off of your results, you'll have to adjust it, according to what happens when your body adjusts to the changes. since you'll be new to working out, expect some water weight gain in…
  • high five for awesomeness!!!
  • I've become the "bad guest" that leaves half a burger bun in the bag, or takes all the lettuce and toppings to make a "backyard bbq" salad. they look at me weird. they poke fun. but, I'll worry about my plate, and they can worry about theirs. besides, I've got my eye on the dessert cake; gotta save room for that! ;) as for…
  • when there's a stack of empty food wrappers next to the trash, because your partner didn't know which barcodes you needed to scan in for recipes before throwing them away. when all your favorite recipes have grams scribbled in next to the pre-printed ingredients for quick prep work.
  • I guess I'm a "flexible dieter." I do IIFYM with a weekly deficit, and aside from all the weighing/measuring and logging of food/drinks, I wouldn't even know I was "on a diet." ;)
  • I was given a bag of the sweet cream protein powder from someone who tried it for weight loss and didn't have success. ...it worked great as a protein supplement! and it tastes DELICIOUS! "the shake mix that tastes like a cake mix." ETA: it's ridiculously overpriced, though, compared to other soy-based powders, so I would…
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  • since you only have 7 to lose, I would suggest switching your goals to ".5 lbs per week" and incorporating some resistance/strength training. there's no reason you can't have the foods you love. :)
  • my T&A were the first things to jump ship. :'( but I've worked hard, and I like my new body, so it's all good (new & improved T&A are perky). ;)
  • aww, thanks. I'll take it! :)
  • well darn, and double darn. I thought I was rocking it! :p
  • according to my HRM, on the nasty-yucky days, I tend to burn more calories, but I'm not able to do as much. a couple weeks ago, when it was just rain rain rain, I could bust out a 10k in a little over an hour. this week... I can only get 5 miles under my belt in an hour. but my burns are still through the roof. just make…