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  • or how about .... "Eating healthy and exercising is hard. Being fat is hard. Pick your hard."
  • "A year from now, you'll have wished you started today."
  • this is my new motto. thanks
  • here are my 2 favorites: "A year from now, you'll have wished you started today." "If you want to accomplish anything in life, you can't just sit back and hope it will happen, you have to make it happen" Chuck Norris
  • Hi Michelle - u an RN ? I walk tons during the day. Lots of RN's wear the fit bit, and they all log in tons of steps. I don't understand why RN's aren't the skinniest people on the earth!
  • Hi Kelly - I couldn't resist -- I picked up 2 pairs of super fun boots at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. (I just couldn't resist!) I didn't want to buy any clothes just yet -- till I drop a size. I am still counting calories and exercising, but staying off the scale for awhile.
  • Calories are so deceptive -- they can really sneak up on you! Yesterday, I was SOOO sure I was WAY under my calorie goal for the day..... but after everything got all totaled up in the evening, I was just about spot on my calorie goal for the day. Good luck everyone
  • Tall girls look no further.... ALLOY Catalog. Or online ALLOYAPPAREL.COM Lots of fashionable styes, lengths 35" and 37" ... even 39" inseams. Believe it! Prices reasonable. Almost all in the $30 - $40 range. I have been getting really cute jeans and pants here for years.
  • I composed a complete diet plan and "rules" for myself. I think if I am not strict with myself, no weight will come off. One big rule to self is: "no browsing around the kitchen or refrigerator..." that inevitably results in a bad outcome. Also, I am going to try substituting lunch or breakfast with a protein meal…
  • SW: 158.5 CW: 155.5 challenge GW: 148 ultimate GW: 140 I gotta make it happen this month....I still can't believe I actually gained in June after such a good start -- just a couple days of "letting go" ruined weeks of dieting. New start. Good luck to everyone.
  • congrats on giving up smoking, Ann!!! I will be sending positive thoughts your way that you never start up again! Barbra, RN
  • Hi, I'm Barbra, 58 yrs. This challenge sounds perfect for me - 60 days should get me down to my goal weight 140 lbs. It's always about those last 10 - 15 pounds. I cannot sit down in my favorite slim pencil skirt right now! Here are my issues: Exercise is easy for me - I love to go to yoga classes. I can easily avoid junk…
  • SW: 158.5 CW: 158.8 challenge GW: 148 ultimate GW: 140
  • I'm back! June had a disastrous finale for me, so I'm back at the starting line, ready to go. Good luck everyone. Don't let those inevitable plateaus get you down, and I'll try not to let them get me down again!!
  • SW: 158.5 CW: 150.5 Challenge GW: 140 Ultimate GW: 140 6/1: 150.5 6/8: 150.5 6/15: 150.5 How depressing! Hard to believe I have actually been exercising and tracking calories, and looks good on paper, but not the scale!! Here's to next week! Cheers to everyone!
  • SW: 158.5 CW: 150.5 challenge GW: 140 ultimate GW: 140 Weigh in dates: 6/1: 150.5 6/8: 150.5 Seriously? no lbs.lost? I was pretty strict last week, and stuck to my plan! Oh well.....
  • Management brought in pizzas as a surprise today! AAARghhh. I didn't even think about hanging around the pizza boxes in the break room- my willpower is OK, as long as temptations are not staring me in the face, (then it's pretty much game over). I ate my simple, pre-prepared sack lunch in a totally different room. Good…
  • SW: 158.5 CW: 150.5 GW: 140 Weigh in Dates: Start of Month (6/01 Sunday): 150.5 6/08 Sun: 6/15 Sun: 6/22 Sun: 6/29 Sun: End of Month (6/30 Mon):
  • Hi, I'm Barbra, I'm in, and I'm motivated!!! Good luck everyone!
  • I love it..... "Get my head back in the game"..... amen!