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  • How many calories are you eating, is it possible you're eating too little? If you're eating enough, remember how you used to eat. What did you eat that helped you feel full? If you can't remember, go back a step and simply eat how you used to eat and track everything to learn more about what when, and how much helps you…
  • They're pan fried with enough oil until golden then flipped (they're soft, not crunchy). I don't know what they're called in English (mom is Russian). I don't know exactly how she seasons it either, but I think it's salt, pepper, and some generic seasoning? All I know is she adds onions to the cabbage filling. She lightly…
  • Not exactly bread, and not exactly rolls, but close enough and awesome all the same. Mom makes an amazing version of this:
  • Yeah, I Iove it sauteed too, and potatoes go really well with it. Today we're having cabbage rolls.
  • If you really do mean a couple of cookies, then I don't see the issue. If it's too hard for you to see cookies as normal food, deconstruct them in your head. They're basically flour (the stuff in bread, including diet bread and diet cereals), sugar (the stuff in many foods like fruits, beets, milk, BBQ sauce...etc), eggs…
  • Cabbage. I just can't stop eating it, it's an obsession. I add it fresh to all salads, I munch on whole leaves for snacks, I make shredded cabbage braised with mushrooms and tomato sauce almost weekly. I just can't stop. Christmas eve is near, it might nudge my mind away towards other foods, or so I hope because I'm sick…
  • I use myfitnesspal for the community and cronometer for logging.
  • Don't bully me for this, I'm serious, it does make me want to dance.
  • Everything affects hormones. Protein stimulates insulin production just as much as sugar, does that mean chicken is an addictive substance? What people call sugar addiction, if it can be called that, is not a chemical dependency, and is not specific to sugar. It's most likely a set of habits built around specific foods and…
  • Try it and see, but I doubt spending most of the week eating very low calories will be sustainable in the long run. Have you tried other calories spilits? As it stands, you're leaving an allowance of about 3500 calories for two days, and I doubt you will always be eating that much on those days which might lead to further…
  • I was about to type a reply about that. It does open in the same tab on the main forums (did not try other pages) Edit: tried a few, and ironically, out of all the pages I tried, only this thread opens in a new tab.
  • I don't think it's a cache issue. I tried it right now in 4 different browsers (chrome, firefox, edge, and brave) and cleared cache/cookies on Edge, and it still opens to a new tab.
  • It's still opening a new tab for me.
  • I tried to personalize it, and yes, it's broken. You can't use your own image. I chuckled when I read It dates it.
  • Way way back, there was an option to set your weight loss progress tracker to be your signature. You can see remnants of that feature when you visit your profile on the website (not forums). You can still customize it, I think. It looks something like this It appears to be broken. That's not the design I had for my tracker.
  • Rather than zero the plate, I put the whole container/serving plate/pot on the scale and zero for things that stick to the spoon, then record the negative number. This way, what "should be in my mouth" is happily in my mouth without a second thought.
  • It takes getting used to design changes at first, but people do get used to this (I'm already sorta used to it, although still hyperaware). Trust me, in a few months, you won't even remember what the big deal was, and may even feel attached to it when it changes again in a few years. This is my third forum layout on MFP. I…
  • I can relate so strongly to this! I ate "healthy" overall but there were these days, and that was especially the case in social gatherings and holiday meals (more like holiday buffets, mom goes overboard).
  • There was one yesterday and then it disappeared. Or maybe I imagined it? Edit: Would it be possible to move "mark all read" to the top next to preferences? It would be more user friendly because the notifications window is tall.
  • Is it just me, or has the page gained a scroll bar at the bottom, or was it always there and I haven't noticed it?
  • Yes, the borders make things much better!
  • I use it on a schedule to activate dark mode at night, but you can use it all day. You can apply it globally or customize it by domain. Everything is highly customizable.
  • (Spoiler) Press the down arrow to type out of the spoiler box.
  • Yeah, I miss this feature the most. When I come back to 30 new replies I don't want to be weeding through 30 notifications. Used to be that I only needed to quickly look at 2-4 threads with the number of new posts next to them. Edit: Also, link back in quotes is confusing. The nested quote system worked well to…
  • I don't know if this is by design or a bug, but when I quoted your post earlier it replaced the image with a non-clickable link.
  • It looks good to me. It keeps my eyes focused, and it even makes different posts more distinct. That's my own preference, though. You may want to add a poll for it.
  • My first impression was that I miss the visual separation. The grey background framed the text so the eye didn't wander outside, the timestamps and user names had a different color, and the thumbnail was bigger and was placed right next to where a post started. Posts didn't bleed together in monochrome and identifying the…
  • It's fine to be a bit looser with your tracking if it triggers obsession. The goal of tracking is weight control, so the rule of thumb is: if your weight is behaving as expected, then your current way of tracking is perfectly fine and you don't need to make any changes if you don't want to. Track however you want, and…
  • Lower class, but that's mainly because I dislike meat and seafood. The more meat-like something is, the more I dislike it. It has to be processed to all hell or smothered to the point where the taste doesn't stand out for me to even attempt to eat it. The higher the class the higher the quality of the meat and the more…
  • You may be looking at it too narrowly. There may be instances of people who view their past as something shameful that holds them back, but there are many who view it as a way to look forward to the future, even if they didn't like their past self much. For many people, looking back means looking forward. Recognizing what…