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  • I'm no pro with running, but I started unable to jog for more than 2 minutes so to improve, when in the gym I would aim to spend 10 mins on the treadmill, starting with my 2 minute run and a speed walk then increasing slowly the time I would run taking away walking time, I would Walk, run, walk, run then gradually built up…
  • I had a similar problem, went from standing/walking up to 8 hours a day plus walking to and from work to sitting for 9 hours and working too far away from home for walking to be an option. I wasn't too big to start with but it made the difference of at least a stone increase in weight. I cannot really help as I have not…
  • I have seen these and even considered them, The one I have been shown is the "9 day detox" but I know people who do them everytime they have a holiday to go on or a special occasion to attend. Obviously if they need to keep re-doing the detox then they don't work in the long run? A 9 day detox will only work for 9 days,…
  • On my "cheat day" I wouldnt say I go more than 200-400 calories over my ususal intake but I limit myself to just the meal not the entire day, I also limit this to just a Saturday or Sunday (Or both if I havent been too bad/or am on holiday) unless I have an event to go to, For example I have a friends birthday on Saturday…
  • Loving being Golden (Not sure what it means but I'll take it) :tongue: Thanks for all the advice guys, I might give that fitbit a go - I'll look into the possibility of a waterproof one....
  • I don't usually go out for lunch but it's an idea to do a 20 minute walk around the block :smile: Walking to work is not really an option, It's a fair distance with many scary motorways and roundabouts , There are only a couple of people in my office and we are all dieting/exercising so shouldnt be too embarassing to start…
  • I'm a little taller - around 5"6, Currently at 130 but would like to get to 120-125, Why is it so slow when there is little to lose? A lot of people can lose that weight in less than a month!
  • Problem with the naughty snacks though is that it isnt just calories I need to watch but the fat/sugar content! I'm a sucker for sweets and chocolate!
  • I use them if I feel the need to, Mostly it ends up being naughty additional snacks, But it is hard to eat into 400+ calories if your calorie goal is enough, Mine is 1350, and I swim off 300-400 in an hour!
  • I'm sticking to my swim 25+ miles!
  • Hi Mayra I would assume that as you can do this at your own pace and own pool that you can do this anywhere, but it may be worth e-mailing Aspire to see if they send the sponsorship packs outside of the UK, ([email protected]) You could try looking around to see if there are other ways of getting involved in a challenge…
  • I agree, Mix it up, I hated doing it sometime but I would just think - Its a 25 minute work out, Its over in a flash!