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  • I second the almond milk….Almond Breeze unsweetened is perfect as a milk sub.
  • Saturday the 7th, 9am! I watched a few videos and thought, hmmm I can totally do this, except the way people appear to bunch up at the obstacles might drive me nuts?! My best friend who I am running with is convinced she will be screaming like a drill sergeant MOVE LETS GOOOOOOOOO. So I'll be pretending I don't know her :/…
  • I <3 NEW YORK
  • I'll be at the Tuxedo, NY race in June too, very excited, its my first! Gotta decide which sneakers with be sacrificed to the mud gods.
  • As someone who volunteered at a food pantry where they taught classes for better eating habits, I am sooooooo happy to read this. You should be really proud of yourself, and you WILL reach your goal because you're taking it into your own hands :flowerforyou:
  • This has happened to me many times. I created a post about it once and I felt SO DUMB doing that because it does come across as frantic. Your logic tells you it can't be fat gained. But the scale is a real sneaky *kitten*. Hey step on, you're doing great! Bam, weirdly high number. In the most loving way possible, I would…
  • About to dig myself a perfect little grave here, but do men ever consider that women are conditioned to believe that we must marry a breadwinner because we aren't smart enough or strong enough to fend for ourselves? Get told the same thing over and over for generations and this is what happens. You're a woman. You're a…
  • Arugula (also known as rocket, which is RAD) taste peppery, not bitter. It has a nice bite, a firm texture (firmer than spinach for sure) and it is paired really well with a light lemony dressing or some parmesan if you want to try it first without mixing into other dishes. I LOVE a bed of arugula with a little olive oil…
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  • Does your boyfriend know that you are working on improving your body? If he does know, you could cook a healthy meal and give yourself a two drink max or something! It's not the end of the world :) If he doesn't know, maybe you should share your goals and you concerns with him…it might put you at ease
  • Strangely enough, there are two things I eat when I want to STOP eating for a few hours. One is 3/4 cup of Fage greek yogurt with 1/3 cup of maple quinoa granola (Kind brand) and a couple drops of agave. Somehow it just makes me feel SO FULL that I really can't imagine eating something after it. The urge is just gone. The…
  • I love a sprint. Right now I do a 3 mile run in 30-35 minutes, about 4 times a week. Every once in awhile when a great song comes on shuffle, I pick up the pace for a minute til I feel winded :) I would love to get my distance up but I don't have the confidence yet
  • I got into a weird phase a few years ago where I drank bottled iced tea every day. Snapple and Arizona mostly. I was HOOKED. Now I have one once in awhile as a treat, and I'm like HOLY MOLY THE SUGAR SITUATION!! I had one yesterday for cheat day (along with Burger King, pizza, and mexican LOL WHUUUUT)
  • :explode: WHAT IS THAT ABOUT?!?!? Ugh I hate them. Microwaves in general are so bizarre
  • feed them to some pigeons.
  • In for ideas. The only way I take my vanilla protein powder is in an iced morning cappachino.
  • If I have wine with dinner I pretty much just eat salad and soup or something like that. It's really hard for me to turn down food once I catch a buzz so I have to like….GO TO BED so I won't graze. I try to only drink on weekends as well. And if I'm going out to a bar and drinking vodka sodas, I pretty much try to eat a…
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  • I am also boss at making normal legit deep fried potato fries. Soaked for an hour, then TWICE fried in fact. So crispy. So salty. But that's not what I'm tryna do everyday.
  • The complexity of the answer lies in the fact that most people have an opinion about it that directly affects what they will tell you is "truth" Personal opinion from me and only me: Carbs at noon. Carbs at dinner. Carbs at 3am….The time doesn't mean a thing. I always want carbs. If I give in and eat as much as I want, as…
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  • Yup, put the powder in the milk and shake or stir really well. I actually ice the whole thing after putting it all together because that's my favorite…took a little trial and error to avoid any weird clumps of powder but the mixing with the milk first took care of it.
  • Well said. :drinker:
  • This Tuesday is gonna be two hour gym day. I haven't done it yet, but I just typed it so now I actually must :bigsmile:
  • Hard to judge. I find that if you are in NY or LA there are too many 10s to ever feel much higher than a 7. Actresses and models crawling out the sewers. Get out of here you symmetrical weirdos! You're tipping the scale.
  • The only thing I can think of is that spinach is very very high up on the list of most sprayed produce…absolutely drowned in pesticides. Here is a list of the "dirty dozen" I try to buy those fruits and veggies organic, and…
  • I wonder the same thing….I'm always over on daily salt intake, but I've never seen it lead to retention like I have this week. I think its a salty (not home cooked) eating day, plus alcohol that makes it a dangerous combo. The salt thing seems to be totally based on personal opinion, I can't seem to locate a common thread…
  • I keep posting this same thing in the forums… A shot of espresso plus about 3/4 cup of almond milk plus a half scoop of vanilla protein powder is really really delicious. I add a small packet of Stevia too (0 cals) You could do the same with coffee of course. No bitterness, lots of sweet flavor, very very low cals.
  • Pickle something!! When in doubt, PUT A PICKLE ON IT. Everyone will be like awww yes.
  • Ah, and turkey and cheese for lunch! I have it about 4 days a week and forgot about it LOL. I just keeping coming back :/
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  • Yeah, I don't log water because I have a 32 oz Nalgene that I am sure to fill and drink 3 times daily….so I'm always right around 100 oz of water a day which I think is pretty good. I doubt I made my quota on my party nights though (Friday and Sunday)
  • I can't tell you the sigh of relief I got from this single fact. It just seems INSANE! But I def drank a very gross amount of booze. Too much socializing. And the salt was equally out of control.