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  • A slow process is hard for a lot of people. Everyone wants instant gratification. But remember the weight you are trying to lose did not get there over night, and getting rid of it won't happen over night either. Once you commit to yourself it gets easier.
  • Hey Donnie! Nampa here. . Good luck on this journey
  • I agree with wicked pineapple. Start small little changes everyday that's what adds up to big changes in the end if you see something and you want to eat it ask yourself if it's worth it is it really what you want to eat? try cutting out one slice of bread on a sandwich and have an open-faced sandwich instead of a whole…
  • following a Keto plan can be very hard for a lot of people to do. Try sticking with low carb and low sugar and possibly drinking ketones. I've seen too many people gain back double what they lost after stopping a Keto plan. Logging your food and keeping your calories under your daily quota is also good.
  • I put 75% of my food on my FB page. Helps to keep me accountable and helps others find new food ideas. I love sharing what I'm eating with pictures 🤸
  • A blended chocolate protein shake is my dessert of choice. Cuts off the night time cravings also
  • I like frittatas. 1, 6 muffin pan is breakfast for 3 days. Load em with veggies and eggs. Yum
  • 1000 might be a little to low for you. You should aim for at least 1200, and eat every 3 hours starting with a small item within 30 minutes of waking up. Any type of exercise that you can accomplish is very helpful, even standing and touching your knees then your feet is exercise :) if sitting you can do arm circles,…
  • Where is the "like" icon, you guys are hilarious!
  • You sound as if you have reached a break through in life. Very well said. I hope whatever goals you set for yourself come rushing thru. Its ok to come first. Good luck to you!
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  • I weigh in at least once a day. Every morning I check just to make sure I didnt eat to much the day before. I have been critized for this a number of times, but it works for me. Lately I have been checking at night before bed as well. :)
  • That is amazing! So very happy for you. Success stories are always helpful, good luck on your journey