Chocolate dessert substitutes



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    I'm on keto. My fave is to make chocolate whipped cream and freeze it. Divine.
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    good quality dark chocolate, weight it, log it....and enjoy s l o w l y :smiley:
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    Help! Sorry's almost my time of the month, and all I want to eat is brownies, ice cream, or cake! What can I do to curve these cravings? Each month, I end up killing my daily goals because I give in to the desserts. Please respond with helpful recipes or substitutions.

    how about chocolate? (1/2 a typical commercial chocolate bar is only ~100-120 calories). (won't have all the extra starch calories of the brownies or cake, or the extra fat calories of the ice cream).

    If adding cocoa powder to something else (like yogurt or coffee or something) satisfies the cravings, then try that...that stuff is only a handful of calories per spoonful.
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    I make these and reduce the maple syrup to 1 tbsp and add some liquid stevia instead. They're really chocolately and freeze well so you can just pack away the rest before you get tempted to eat the whole pan.

    Chocolate nice cream is pretty good too: 1 banana (frozen) blended with 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, 0.5 cup almond milk, and 2-3 tbsp of cocoa powder. The cocoa powder is really key to get it to taste rich and decadent.
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    Buy really good quality chocolate. I'm talking stuff like this it's on the pricier side but I can make these bars last ages because one square completely satisfies my chocolate cravings. Cheap milk chocolate is designed so that you overeat it as the flavour dissipates quickly, these ones keep the flavour around and it evolves and is just delicious. I used to settle for any chocolate but since trying these my eyes have been opened.

    However, if I'm still not satisfied, I go for low calorie hot chocolate made with water. It's only 40 calories and hot enough that I have to drink it slowly.
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    A blended chocolate protein shake is my dessert of choice. Cuts off the night time cravings also
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    Skinny cow salted pretzel ice cream bars. Yummy!!!!
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    I have two go-to options:

    1) a regular tub of Greek vanilla yogurt into which I stir 2 tablespoons of Ovaltine and 1/2 tablespoon of cocoa powder

    2) a serving of steel cut oats flavored with 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder, a 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract, a pinch of salt, and sweetener of choice to taste. Occasionally I'll stir in an egg for a more brownie-like texture.
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    I keep small chocolate bars in the freezer. When they are frozen they remind me to eat them a little more slowly!
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    I keep small chocolate bars in the freezer. When they are frozen they remind me to eat them a little more slowly!

    That is a fantastic idea!
  • gennybourdages
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    chickpea protein balls make with cocoa powder
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    Sugar-free chocolate desserts (pudding or ice cream) and cocoa powder/stevia drinks are my best friends. I have 2-3 doses of chocolate per day.
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    Bowl of raspberries or strawberries. Top with whipped cream (I use redi-whip, cool whip or the real thing would be fine). Grate some dark chocolate over the top.

    Single serve pudding cup + berries.

    Fudge pops are usually in my freezer - very low cal. I also like to keep fun size M&Ms in the freezer.
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    Sugar cookie flavored tea. Zero cals, feels like I'm indulging, and this time of year it's nice to cozy up to a warm mug of something.
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    Aldi has 110 calorie fudge pops that are huge & hits spot. Strawberries dipped in dark chocolate, keto: chocolate redi whip
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    I make these. Almost no carb, full of protein, and good for you, so guilt free. You can use they whey powder of your choice.
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    Greek yogurt+cocoa powder+your choice of toppings. Easy, and if you want to make it feel fluffier you can chuck it into a food processor. Also if you want it more cheesecake-y you can sub in cottage cheese instead (definitely blend it then, the texture is way better)
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    Homemade chocolate protein bars. I love them nuked for a couple of seconds so they're warm and soft. About 200 calories but that's with 20 grams of protein. I can easily fit them to my calories for the day but half of one is enough to satisfy my chewy chocolate craving.
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    My go to snack is peanutbutter i make myself from peanut flour (Its basically PB2) With cocoa powder added spread over 8 grahm crackers with a little appricot jam.

    Thats what i do for chocolate anyway.

    Iv found sweet cravings in general can be taken care of by smoothie cups for 150 calories for 2 cups followed by a big bowl of veggies with hot sauce and lots of water.

    Both my options are 150-250 calories for pretty bulky. Eaten slow its lovely. I have found veggies are the key for me. Follow whatever sweet i indulge in up with lots of water and a big bowl of veggies and wait it out and i feel satisfied i got my sweet, And my body is happy it got its veg. If i only eat somethingsweet i want more 30 minutes later if not instantly. Veggies and fruit tend to bloat me to so if the cravings are TO bad ill mix smoothie cups and veg and be very bloated makes me feel uncomfortably full and ill happily not eat more lol

    side note- I really wish freezer foods stopped me from eating them lol. I LOVE frozen food. Baked goods...fruit...Chocolate...Whatever really it bein frozen makes me eat it slower and baked goods/chocolate especially tends to give it more of a fudgey texture. Freezer cant stop my snacking hah