Elevated Sugar Levels/Keto Help?

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Hi all, I had been experiencing a lot of tiredness/exhaustion and a couple headaches never really thinking anything of it. Last week I decided to check my blood sugar, which came out to be slightly elevated. I checked 3 hours after my breakfast and my number was 156 (140 would have been normal) and I checked again the next morning before breakfast and it was 126 (100-120 would have been normal). I have gained some weight over the last years and sit at my highest weight 194 at 25 years old. I’m not okay with the elevated levels and it was the wake up call I needed. My family has a history of diabetes and I want to get things under control early before they get out of control.

I just want opinions on what would be the best way to tackle the weight. I am a carb lover, but I want to try Keto. But kinda lost as how it all works? Has anyone had success with Keto? Or failures?

Also do you think that just counting calories and exercising will regulate things for me and get my sugar levels back into the normal?


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    Are you currently under a doctor’s care? Get an A1c because it is quite possible with those numbers you are diabetic already. 140 is a VERY HIGH reading for a normal person, even after a meal, and post prandial readings are normally taken at TWO hours after BEGINNING TO EAT, not three hours after finishing. Healthy people should only see levels as high as 140 in rare circumstances such as after drinking a big gulp with a side of pancakes for breakfast. As far as your fasted waking value, below 100 is normal. 100-120 is the ADA’s acceptable fasted range FOR A DIABETIC. That is not normal for a healthy person.

    I’m type 2 myself and have gotten my a1c from 11 when I was diagnosed to below 5 (well within normal range) for the past two years. For me it wasn’t necessary to do keto, I just tested after meals and only ate within my carb tolerances, which is about 45g net carbs per meal with regular exercise. I also lost weight from morbidly obese to normal BMI. I highly recommend “eating to the meter” and learning your own personal responses to foods as a way for type 2 diabetics to get back within normal range. However, you should definitely see a doctor and a dietician first. Metformin is one option which can be helpful if you can tolerate the gastric effects.

    I hate to break it to you, but with those numbers you need to be done being a carb lover.
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    I second the recommendation to see your doctor.

    For some, Keto can lead to numbers similar to what you have listed as the liver kicks into overdrive to produce glucose. The A1c will still come down, but fasting numbers may spike, as will any carby slip up.

    Many people struggle to get enough fiber with Keto, and fiber is an important aspect of blood sugar control.

    At my best, my diet looks keto, but with a ton of veggies and occasional grains and fruits (ie, not both every day). I use fat bomb recipes for low carb treats, but portion control is still important.
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    following a Keto plan can be very hard for a lot of people to do. Try sticking with low carb and low sugar and possibly drinking ketones. I've seen too many people gain back double what they lost after stopping a Keto plan. Logging your food and keeping your calories under your daily quota is also good.
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    I am type 2 also and my readings have dropped significantly the past couple of months since I have been monitoring my sugar and carbs more and walking. I don't think I could do Keto.
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    I highly recommend keto. I'm a type 2 diabetic. At the end of last year my A1C was 8.1 and my fasting blood sugar was creeping up higher and higher. When I got up one morning and saw 269, it scared me. I knew I couldn't go on living in denial and abusing my body with food. I started keto on January 1st and as of today I've lost 54 lb. and dropped my A1C to 6. Fasting blood sugar reading are usually 98-100. I feel great. I'm even sleeping better. I found keto very easy to adjust to and stick to, but everyone is different. There's a lot of information out there about the lifestyle. Best thing to do is talk to your doctor, get tested to find out if you're already diabetic, and take it from there. There are plenty of oral medications to lower your blood sugar and allow you to live a happy, active life. Don't be afraid. The sooner you tackle it the sooner you'll be on the road to good health.