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THIS IS NOT A weight loss success but an emotional break through that is definitely a success. Wow this is amazing after 4 years and the last 12 weeks of doubting my self I had a massive break through today July 31st 2013 this will be the day that I will never forget. IM actually smiling and laughing while I type this Im supposed to be working but I just had to write this down so that I never forget.

Its the day that I have FINALLY stopped caring about what the people in my family and my close friends think. For years I played Psychologist to my oldest sister. every time she cut my family out of her life she always came to me. When she quit weight watchers and I had joined she told me it was a waste of money. When she gained the 90 pounds plus when she quit Atkins she came to me. When she had the lap band surgery about a year ago, she started out great and then started going through withdrawl from sugar so she quit. She gained everything back plus more. I realize that she subconsciously or consciously is trying to get me to quit. I love her but I'M DONE. she currently weighs 425+ pounds.

when my sister who is 2 yrs older than me yelled and called me fat pig because of something. she told me she was doing it for my own good I let it sit with me but not anymore. IM DONE

when my sister who is 4 yrs older than me told me that I would never get down to 150 she sent me in to an emotional downward spiral. IM DONE

I am done with looking back at my younger years where My mother tried to put me on countless diets with out teaching me what it means to eat healthy and why its important. Im done looking back and remembering when a vice principle told me that I did not have to eat just because I had my Period. I will not look back at my failures and think that I cant do it. I AM DONE

My very good friend has used me as her psychologist for a long time and I have listened and talked to her and tried to help her but its time to say IM done I still love her and would love to talk to her but I Cant no I will not do it anymore. IM DONE

I have put the needs of everybody in front of mine and now its time to say I am done. as a write this my hands are shaky and light. its not every day that something like this happens to me in fact I have only had 1 break through similer to this in my 25 years of life.

I will not listen to people who all they want to talk about is poor them. I understand and I feel for you but right now I am focusing on me, and working on changing my self so that I can be who I want to be. I just realized that.

Its amazing how light my heart is feeling right now I can finally tell everyone IM DONE Listening. IM done trying to be your psychologist. IM DONE listening to your Complaining. I'm sorry if you Feel that I am being a BI*CH but Im not. IM JUST DONE letting people get to me and emotionally wearing me out to the point where all I want to do is just stuff my face.

I've been though a lot of hard ships and NOW Its time to focus on me and my goals and fix my problems not try to fix everyone else's

IF you support me I will support you but if you just want my support and don't want to give me any than I AM DONE



  • tami139
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    You sound as if you have reached a break through in life. Very well said. I hope whatever goals you set for yourself come rushing thru. Its ok to come first. Good luck to you!
  • SnazzIT
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    I just started a week ago and I have had the same breakthrough except I am the oldest siter of seven siblings who was held responsible for everything that went wrong in their lives and to top it off my own parents were the ones who held me responsible.

    I finally said "no" to everyone because I realised they were wearing me also and toxicating my life with emotional poison. But now I feel so free and now focusing on myself for the first time, so that I can enjoy my relationship with the ones who really matter my husband and my children.

    Good on you and best wishes on this new journey, you can add me as friend if you want :)
  • CandelLife
    CandelLife Posts: 127 Member
    AMEN SISTER!!! Never let anyone else define who you are!!! You Go Girl!
  • Good for you!

    It's funny how the people you would think should be the dearest can sometimes be the most toxic.

    Do what's right for you!
  • Yep - sometimes friends/family/co-workers/etc. are like sponges who absorb our energy, time and well-being and they can be very selfish...or maybe it is self-centered... anyway, I have learned to listen but not get drained and limit the time as well..I prefer to be around positive folks - so good for you!! Congratulations and I do hope you reach all your dreams and goals.
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