Motivation needed for newbie

I have fluctuated for years and I'm officially the heaviest I've ever been and totally done with it, but I have trouble with how slow and grueling the healthy weightloss lifestyle can be


  • ms_maruska
    ms_maruska Posts: 118 Member
    It doesn't have to be. And I wish somebody told me that years ago because I was taught that "diet" = "breakfast: a slice of toast and one boiled egg". Which is fast, awful, unhealthy and unsustainable.

    I make it interesting by trying out new things like running and new recipes. And the most interesting is noticing how your body changes, how much more energetic you are and how nicely you fit your old clothes again :)
  • tami139
    tami139 Posts: 14 Member
    A slow process is hard for a lot of people. Everyone wants instant gratification. But remember the weight you are trying to lose did not get there over night, and getting rid of it won't happen over night either. Once you commit to yourself it gets easier.