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  • 1 cup of boiling water, 1 Tbsp lemon juice, 1 Tbsp Manuka honey, 1 Tbsp organic Apple Cider Vinegar (with the Mother 'active' and present in the bottle preferably). Stir together and have as many per day as you can manage. Comforting and the ACV helps fight off whatever 'bugs' (as my mother calls them :P) are making you…
  • I find a couple of things work. First point of call is to chug at least a litre of water, wait 15 mins or so then see if you're still ravenous. Second off is having 'safe' foods like fruit and vege and soups on hand to munch on without worrying about the impact they have on your daily intake too much. Obviously, look into…
  • lmao wut no??
  • I think a huge breakthrough for me was realizing that to lose weight and get in shape you need to NOT be hungry all the time because that sets one up for self sabotage. My key rule is pre-planning meals. If i have a meal plan for the day with ample supplies of snacks inbetween meals all consisting of 'safe' foods and…
  • (ie. exercising so you have a caloric deficit will guarnatee weight loss, as far as i understand)
  • Eat fewer calories than what you exercise/burn off per day! I generally take this to mean you have your daily caloric intake of ~1000cals p day for an adult female wanting to lose weight, then anything other than that you've got to burn off if you wanna eat it. So you want a snack after dinner that'll take your intake up…
  • 'don't let a cheat meal turn into a cheat day' - BOOM! that's really struck a chord for me, thank you! Gonna store that little nugget of wisdom away for the next day I feel like throwing the baby out with the bathwater due to having 'accidentally' eaten some junk food haha :)
  • Hey chica - I'm 23 and have had depressed for the majority of my adult life. I'm so sorry you're going through this and understand 100% how daunting the concept of 'getting into' exercise can be ...if you can tackle that first exercise session and recognise what a huge step that is in and of itself you're already on your…
  • My mama always taught me that calling people on the phone or visiting them at home isn't polite before 9am or after 9pm, I think reasonably the same could be applied to just about any situation :)
  • Also i've found it really dangerous/damaging to deem certain foods and drinks as 'bad' or otherwise chastise yourself for having them, you just have to be sensible and not make them an every day indulgence!
  • I don't really do the cheat day thing but if i feel like i want to eat a certain thing i'll shuffle my daily intake/meals around it so that i can. Denying yourself things is miserable and not necessary! And then just try be a little more active on the days I don't eat as healthy as usual :)
  • Pretty sure I fluctuate like 5 pounds per DAY, don't worry about it chica - keep up the good work :)
  • My go-to for weekday lunches is usually made on a sunday night by dicing up any pumpkin, potato and kumara i have in the house and roasting them in low sodium lemon pepper, which i then store in a little container and bring to work. I usually have the above + spinach, kale, rocket, sunflower seeds, almonds, edamame,…
  • oh god i do this all the time! try to curb cravings for sweet things with a spoon of peanut butter and end up polishing off the pot! haha >_<
  • speed. not kidding. lol
  • relying on chia seeds too heavily for a suppressant before/after meals can be problematic too - discovered this the hard way when i was using them and bloated like a m'f-er