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  • Baby steps - Get some veggies and have some with your supper - a big bag of frozen veggies is convenient. You can keep a bag of apples in the refrig for a snack . Limit soda and fruit juice. Eat a piece of fruit instead of drinking the juice. Go for a walk
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  • Thanks - I am actually striding ... sort of. You can get some dumbbells & do some exercises while seated, overhead press, curls, floorpress, maybe a single arm row if you can work it out with your leg. Go to You Tube for some videos. You can get a pull up bar to fit it the door frame , they don't cost much
  • You can start with small steps - eat less sweets, cake, empty cals etc - eat more veggies - go for a walk
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  • Another option - drop the weight down to 60 lbs or maybe 55 do your 5x5 but do more reps , when you get to 8, 10 , increase the weight & go back to 5x5 and repeat. I use a similar progression - easier on my joints. If you can get your 5 reps up to 8 or 10 , that means you have gotten stronger
  • I have had multiple broken bones in the past, and now I'm recovering from an ankle fusion surgery. My background is more weight training & martial arts. The best advice I can give is ease back into it, it will hurt, a dull ache is normal , a sharp pain is not. With my ankle I can walk with the ortho boot brace, so I walk…
  • How many cals in the one meal ?
  • A split like that is more for an advanced lifter. Most would be better of with a full body program , or something like an upper body / lower split. That way you are hitting the muscles 2-3 X per week
  • Yes - eat 'em up
  • Are you looking for a split? -a leg day, a chest day, arm day etc? As a beginning lifter you would be better served with a full body program. You might want to look at Strong Curves, Starting Strength, or a 531 program , maybe 531 for beginners.
  • I'd go with your coach's plan - you are paying for it. Monitor your weight for a time , you may have to adjust the calories up or down. If you have to adjust cals down , I would cut carbs rather that protein or fat. What is you weight now?
  • Hi Dazzle - I had ankle surgery a month age and am on crutches. I am doing some upper body - pull ups , press & curls + hopping around on crutches .
  • also potatoes , rice, peanut butter sandwiches, & whole milk
  • brussell sprouts & turnips - yea that is 2
  • It won't matter how you log it, either change the day at midnight or by your sleep schedule. Just be consistant with it and it will work out the same
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  • Micro plates will work - another option is to increase the reps instead of increasing the weight - when you you get the reps up to maybe 10 , increase the weight and drop the reps to 5 and repeat.
  • It's addictive -
  • Krispy Kreme - The lady knows good donuts
  • I ate I ate ice cream too - as often as possible
  • In his case it is OK to eat the cereal - The OP is a thin college age athlete , who is wanting to bulk up = he needs calories - lots of them.. When I was younger & training more, a post squat meal might be a turkey breast - or a thigh & drumstick + potatoe & veggie, or 3/4 - 1 lb hamburger + a couple, 2-3 cups of rice ,…
  • I assume you are following a lifting program and not something that you made up. You look young and lean in your picture, so I would set your cals for a 1lb per week weight gain to start. eat 1 gm or protien per lb of body weight per day - meat, eggs,milk, 50 + gms of fat per day, Fill in the rest with carbs potatoes ,…
  • Sardelsa gave you some great advice as always. For your glutes you might want to Google Bret Contreras and look at his Strong Curves program. Nothing beats hi rep squats for building your legs. If your bulking then cutting is done properly the end result is more muscle / less fat. If you feel you have fat to loose now you…
  • or this way - 1 stone = 14 lbs 17.07 x14 = 238.98 16.9 x14 = 239.6 238.98 - 236.6 = 2.38 lbs 0.12 lbs difference = close enough
  • Hi Jen - let me be the first to say Hi - 90 lbs is great
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  • Let me know if I can help
  • Herschel Walker did when he was growing up - in college & Pro he had trainers & a gym
  • As a general rule the wide stance will hit the posterior chain harder , powerlifter generally use wide stance/ low bar to move more weight, A body builder may use a narrower stance/ high bar to hit the quads harder, this will give you a more vertical stance. The best advice I can give is to squat. Jump so you land on both…
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  • You controll your weight up or down with your calorie intake vs activity level - calories in / calories used. Lifting weights will determine the amount of muscle you have. If you are gaining weight , eat less. 6 months of body weight exercise for a female, you probably didn't actually gain much muscle. Eat slightly below…
  • Hi to you Kelle
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  • The first thing that comes to mind would be hi rep squats - leg presses - think Tom Platz