I've been seeing good progress from bulking, should I up my goal?

Hello Everyone! I am on a bulking journey for a more curvy body shape for the summer of 2021. I've seen good progress so far in terms of what I've been measuring around my hips. I was 35in on September and now I'm at damn near 37in. My ultimate ultimate goal was to reach 38in hips by the time of the summer but since I'm only an inch away I want to up my goal and challenge myself to get to 40inches. Is this possible? I know that when you first start lifting there is significant muscle growth but after a while that growth slows down. I eventually want to cut and get my waist back to being a bit smaller since my stomach has been getting a bit bigger as well. I'm petite (5'2) with relatively broad shoulders and I just want my hips to match that broadness. Is 40in realistic by the time of lets say next June? Also for my frame will 40in look right or will it be too much? Thanks for any advice!


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    I guess it depends on what you want and what looks right to you. Gaining 2 inches in 2 months you gained mostly fat and little muscle. If you want the gains to be mostly muscle that will come slower.
    I re- read your post , you are running a bulk - Run it until you feel like you need to cut, then see where you are after the cut. You may want to go a little slower on the bulk and minimize the fat gain.