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So I’ve recently began working out to help improve muscle tone in the lower body/booty but I’m unsure if I’m doing enough? I use low/ medium resistance bands around my legs and do squats everyday at home and was wondering if this is enough to build a bigger/firmer booty? I also hold 5 pound weights at shoulder level during my workout. If anyone has a favorite workout plan, instructed vids on YouTube, or beach body program please please share! Any and all advice is welcome! I’m hoping to get some results by summer not anything too crazy just a more toned and lifted bum would be nice haha


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    Try to find workouts that get progressively more difficult! If you only do the same at the same weight again and again then you're just maintaining but not building. There are some good home workout programmes linked somewhere. I quite like this one as there's a lot of info on adjustments, materials or their lack, etc:
  • You might want to try BeachBody Brazil butt lift.
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    Look at Strong Curves - Bret Contreras
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    Doung squats everyday with resistance bands doesn't seem to fit your goal.
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    Be in a caloric deficit if there is excess to remove and work all 3 glute muscles to balance out the bum.
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    Kindly look into a fully rounded training program with emphasis on lower body and a bit of cardio which also includes nuteition
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    To BUILD a bigger booty, you need to OVERLOAD the glute muscles. Bands and 5lbs weights won't do that.

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