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  • Canicross belt and harness. I personally love it when my dog is go-go-go and tries to tug me to run faster. It'd be boring if she stayed next to me. :D It shows me she enjoys being out as much as I do. I do have quite good voice control though, and she's trained to ignore distractions. We do obedience and rescue training,…
  • Depends where your fitness is at. Pump is something you get used to once you do a lot of it, as it's for muscle endurance, not building. I once did pump 3-5x a week without trouble, but eventually got bored and haven't been to class for a while. It's mostly Combat now, with occasional flow/balance for stretching.
  • M400 and H7.
  • Why not new Polar? If you don't need GPS, then A370 or 360 for example. 370 can get GPS through phone, A360 can't. https://www.polar.com/us-en/products/sport/A370-fitness-tracker
  • Nope. I first injured it by falling while ice-skating 8 years ago. I got put into a cast for a week due to sprain, nothing got broken. the ligaments probably got injured too, as my wrist kept aching under heavy, but nothing major. Lived with it, until I did too enthusiastic burpee. Landed on my hand heavy and most likely…
  • I have M400. It doesn't track in water, but I'm not swimming anyway, so it's not like I'm missing anything. Some also say it is too big for women, but I think it looks perfectly okay. Waterproof and GPS were the main points why I chose it over A360. Newer M430 is out too, but one of my trainers said she doesn't trust…
  • How much is cheap? I have no clue about the prices in the States. http://us.sportsdirect.com/ has some great sales every now and then. I personally love US Pro brand for workout tops.
  • You're not gaining muscle, with heavy training the max is still at 1-2 lbs per month and you would notice loosening of your clothes. Since your diary is not visible - how do you measure your food?
  • You'll probably see some weight gain from water weight.
  • Polar M400. <3 It might not be the prettiest (to some), but it fits my style perfectly. New M430 also has wrist-based HR. New A370 uses phone to get GPS, has wrist HR and is much smaller and more feminine than M400/430.
  • 5'8'' from Estonia (173cm) SW: 183 (83kg) CW: 149 (67.5) GW: 138 (63 or bit less)
  • Even processed sugar is not the devil it's often portrayed as by the media. All in all, it comes down to CICO. Controlling sugar intake is, to many, the easiest way to control the CI part. I switched tracking sugar to tracking fiber.
  • I eat anything that fits my goals. Just other day I had double-filling croissant as lunch and giant marshmallows and raisins in chocolate as snack. Dinner was light (salad with egg and salmon), so I came in with 1679 calories in and 1876 out. Hell, I have days where most of my food consists of pancakes and raspberry jam or…
  • Look into canicross perhaps? Instead of letting you dog go off-leash, they're trained to pull you with special harness/leash/waist belt combo. It's super fun and slightly scary sometimes. :D You can also safely do it in cities and eventually try skiing, skateboarding or rollerblading instead of running. Some dogs,…
  • Check out Polar too! I have no idea why they're not as popular in the States as they are here (Europe), since they're great. I love my M400. A360 is the smaller than m-line, A370 newer than A360 with better sleep tracking etc, both have HR from wrist. Also, new M430 with wrist HR (M400 needs strap). And then there's also…
  • Polar M430. A370 if you don't need GPS on watch (eg you take your phone when you go running).
  • 23 here. 26 lbs (12kg) gone, 8lbs (4kg) to go. Aiming for BMI 21 or near that.
  • Look into Polar too. I swear by my Polar M400, but it doesn't have wrist-based HR monitor. Chest strap doesn't bother me though, it's about the same as wearing a sports bra. The watch itsself looks bulky, but it's so comfortable. Also, waterproof, though it doesn't track in water. If you really need wrist HR, then new…
  • I have two "rescues" - one from shelter, other from owner, who couldn't handle her. The one from the owner is purebred and I've had such support from the breeder - I can ask her anything and she'll help as much as she can. She's also dog trainer and can offer help, though we do different sports (our dogs do SAR, her's…
  • My girls. Kita on left, 7 years old. Elsa on right, 2 years old.
  • My dog as a baby. She just turned two yesterday. She came to live with me at 10 months, when previous owner discovered she is in fact an active breed. I also have 7 y/o dog I got at 7 months from the shelter, no puppy pics from her unfortunately (black one's pictures are by her breeder). Another puppy coming in two years.…
  • I love LesMills classes. I do Bodypump for strenght, Bodycombat for cardio. Tried Bodyattack on Wednesday, but much prefer combat. Bodybalance once a week for streching. It makes it so much easier when you know exactly what to do, since the routine is same for 3 months. Less time spent on staring the instructor and…
  • If I haven't eaten at least an hour before, my heart rate will be sky high and I'll feel extremely weak. Oh yeah, my hands also start shaking. And I might feel like I need to throw up. My cardio tends to be quite intense (Bodycombat), but for me to attend 8.30 class, I'll have to have a banana and skyr (dairy product)…
  • Me. Bunch of kg's to lose. 5' 8''.
  • This week's food for me: 150g Rice noodles 420g Chicken breast, diced (or any meat really). I just happen to love chicken and fish in it. Turkey is expensive here, but would probably taste great too. 400g Asian vegetable mix (carrot, peas, mung bean sprouts, leek, mushrooms) - local brand, but I'm sure you'll find…
  • BodyAttack (LesMills) starting in 3 hours.
  • I have Polar M400. Love it.
  • Biffy Clyro in 2010. I've seen quite a few bands, but never someone putting so much energy and power into a preformance. I didn't get to go to their concert last year unfortunately. :(
  • I might be back later to post some pictures. Maybe. 173 cm and 69 kg. Or 5'8'' and 152 lbs.