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  • Im doing the water. Its easier to remember when i work out.
  • Hey i am having the same problem. I gained weight so fast my head was i work. Out like a crazy woman. At least ive stopped gaining
  • Where is this challenge found
  • My fit bit will never be stuck in a sock dwarer. It is too precious for that. It's the best thing for weight lost help in a long time
  • Ouch! 40 lbs is a lot of time and commitment. Block out the world . This is for you. Love yourself .Mom may be dealing with her own issues. Let her. Keep losing if you need to and never ever,ever look back. You don't want to go back and get those 40 cause u feel down. Keep it moving
  • You sound so sad. Do you have any history of depression.. You didn't say why you were sad. If there is not something you can put your finger on, it may be time to seek professional help. We're here for you though.
  • Hey girl. I just wanna say, don't be so hard and critical of yourself. Fast food has it's place. Log everything. You can have it within your caloric budget. Weight loss starts in the mind. You don't have that much to lose. I think you should focus on being healthy. Make yourself a priority. A good friend of mine told me…
  • Hey Ashley. Hang in there. You really sound depressed. Me, I know how you feel. I recently lost my doggie of 18 yrs. her name was prissy. I miss her so much. She was a very old dear friend. She loved me to death, and I her. Anyways I'm here for you. Make a friend request of me. I haven't figured out how to do that yet. I…
  • Hi, my doctor suggested to me to try for 30 min of walking everyday. I've been following that for three weeks now. I feel amazing. I've started logging all food and exercises. It helps me to be aware of what is going in my mouth. My body is changing. I never stop at 30 min cayuse it feels so good. I'm finally making myself…
  • Hi, I'm new. Trying to figure out how to add friends. Someone sent me a request, but I don't know how to accept it