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  • Same here sister! Last May we moved to a different state, lived like we were on vacation for a solid 6 months and in that time some weight crept back on. We live in a beach town and every day is a beach day so super easy to just lounge like a lazy lizard in the sun and drink tropical drinks! Anyway, just reeling it back in…
  • Thanks for the replies. All good information. When I say "Is it real", I know menopause is real, but sometimes I question the cause of changes simply because I have no symptoms to speak of.
  • Hey, a little late to the party but would like to join in! I'm 53 and live in Florida. I am a fitness trainer, and boxer and spend most of my free time at the beach! My next weigh-in is Monday the 16th but right now after several months of eating/drinking like I'm on vacation and lifting massive weights, I am sitting at…
  • Strength training
  • That the further you get and the more successful you are, it's just never enough. The more exercise you do the more you need to do to get the same burn/results.
  • I don't use MFP for calorie tracking while lifting weights. I just pay attention to the HRM and manually track my weight and reps to watch my progression. If I want to just burn up calories and see the number I track my cardio. For me lifting weights always results in a bigger calorie burn at the end of the day.
  • I only wear it when I need to go into stores that require them. Aside from that I don't. Medical personnel dealing specifically with highly contagious viruses and bacteria wear hazmat suits, full o2 apparatus and face shields. The virus easily escaped a high level bio-lab. A piece of cloth isn't going to do anything to…
  • Thanks! My problem is always super fast weight loss. I tend to go aggressively on everything I do so I'm glad you mentioned mild-moderate. I have to keep that in mind.
  • For animal welfare! Also, as a nutritionist I try every diet trend (and fad) that comes out. It helps me to personally understand my clients and their different diet needs. Initially I moved to a plant based diet so that I could properly set nutritional goals and be able to recommend meal plans, etc. I have been Vegan for…
  • In that article it reads - "it does capture what people love about the product. Peloton Wife is transformed by her bike: mentally, emotionally, even spiritually. It gives her a sense of accomplishment, community. The message is perfectly clear: this isn’t just a workout, it’s a damn near religious experience." What? Oh,…
  • Nope.
  • Hey - I got your apology right here... (imagine obscene gesture) :)
  • It bothers me in general because everyone is so sensitive these days.
  • I think it's a great idea. I know plenty of people who don't shed a tear or even pay attention to the number of calories listed on the menu. I also know a ton of people who actually don't understand CICO and they don't know that you can't out-exercise a bad diet. There are people who still think carbs are bad... so yeah,…
  • Yeah - agree with the above poster. The Stop when you're full part I think is what gets most people in trouble.
  • For me, working out fasted always means more energy, stamina, focus and strength vs. if I eat first I feel like taking a nap lol! Also I don't like to eat first because each day my workouts are different so I'll never know what I'll need to re-fuel until after I've done it :smile:
  • My momma always said "The cheaper the clothing the larger you become"! and It's SO true! I can fit easily into a Loft size 2 or 0. At Old Navy or Primark that becomes a 6 or an 8!
  • In the end it'll just fade away like all of the other diet and exercise fads that have come and gone. Like step-aerobics classes and the cabbage soup diet. But in the meantime there is some overweight and unhappy millenial sitting on his or her couch wishing for it, watching the commercial and thinking 'if only I could…
  • This is an interesting topic. For what it's worth - I follow the basic principles of eating intuitively and I also weight, measure, log and track everything I consume up to my daily calorie target. I follow a vegan diet so pretty much everything I consume is nutritionally dense and that pretty much eliminates any cravings…
  • Better off adding more exercise. Burn more calories guaranteed with no potential side effects!
  • Mushrooms and onions galore! I prefer scrambled tofu, use nutritional yeast and hemp seeds for a cheese sauce. Mix in tons of veggies but heavy on the onions and mushrooms. Also throw in some black beans once in a while and some shredded potato. Delish!
  • I am a strict 3 meal and 3 snack person. Breakfast around 8, snack around 10:30, lunch around noon time, snack around 2:30, dinner around 6-7, snack before bed usually around 8-8:30. Even on the weekends :smile: my eating schedule is strict but my meals and snacks are super creative and 100% plant based.
  • Clearly it's Trumps fault.
  • Great explanation and I didn't stop to think about all of that :smile: I've never been the type of person to be nervous about anything really so I don't think in those terms. But I can certainly see where all of the stuff you mentioned would run through some ones head. Thanks!
  • Scientists and dieticians are starting to agree on a recipe for a long, healthy life. It's not sexy, and it doesn't involve fancy pills or fad diets. Fill your plate with plants. Include vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, and legumes. Don't include a lot of meat, milk, or highly processed foods that a gardener or…
  • Just need patience and consistency.
  • Because I fight for those who have no voice to fight for themselves. The animals!