• You know what I give up this place it isn't supportive. Yes some of you are actually helping and I'm sorry I didn't point out who they wrre and who wasn't. I just wanted a basic idea and I'm sorry if my questions were "dumb" or repetitive or something but their real questions. I didnt know what type of food to stay away…
  • Can people please stop being so rude on here. I'm not trying to get you all to fight or say how what the other person is saying is stupid. Thats not the point and most of you are not taking this seriously. If you can't take this seriously then get out and leave my post alone. I actually want to lose the weight and have…
  • Thank you so much this is what I was looking for ^.^ I want to keep the weight off however I dont want to competely change my whole eating habits because as everybody should know it will never stick. I just wanted to know what foods I should be eating more of so I could and the ones that are not good i stay away from more…
  • Thank you and yes thats what I was looking for like specifics like which nuts are better for you than others and stuff like that not like a brief idea i always know that i wanted to know more if detail because different foods can do different things for you. I'm looking for high protein and low fat and sodium
  • Could you give me ideas of nutrient foods?
  • thank you all I just wanted to see if their was any specific meat their was that wasn't good for you. I think I'm going to try to have more fish and chicken though instead of meats.
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  • Yummy Yummy these recipes sounds very good ^.^ I shall show them to my boyfriend and see what he thinks thank you so much everyone ^.^
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  • does anybody have a recipe though? I'm looking for an Asian/Chinese healthy recipe for rice that has a lot in it besides the rice i only have 2 cups of rice i just need something to put in it like veggies or meat and spices. I already understand that its good for you in small amount \s but im trying to find an actually…
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  • my cousin has a rice cooker and made wild rice salad it was so yummy ^.^ I would borrow it but hes in cali lol time to save my pennies for one ^.^
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  • That sounds yummy with the peppers and onions and curry however sadly my boyfriend cant eat peppers he highly allergic to them :ohwell: That garlic and onions sounds good too but I want to make it a main dish for a dinner and it sounds too little in a way and needs something more in it to make it a dinner plus my boyfriend…
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  • I need a buddy ^.^
  • Okkie Dokkie ^.^ That sounds like a better idea but can you ever have too much fruit or veggies? I also have this problem: I eat dinner or try to eat dinner late because my boyfriend doesn't come home till 10ish sometimes 11 and thats when he usually eats his dinner or ice cream and I feel like I have to eat with him or I…
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